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Zhinu and Niulang
Fate Regalia Zhinu and Niulang
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Students
Affiliation: The House
Gender: Female and Male
Hair color: White & Red

White & Blue

Eye color: Red
STR: ? CAS: ?
END: ? PRA: ?
AGI: ?

Advisors of The House Dorms. Zhinu and Niulang are definitely an odd pair, always dressing up in opposing colors, yet retaining their shared style that is clearly reminiscient of the priestesses of Shinto. The two of them are the most stereotypical types of twins, finishing each other's sentences and completing each other's actions before one the other can. It is as if they are trying to compete in filling in for the other, and thus achieve a perfect synchronization that is only dreamed of by other siblings. Or, it could be because rumors say that the two of them are a House experiment dedicated to finding out if a telepathic link shared between twins can create a perfect assassin existing in two bodies.

As for the two as separate beings, Zhinu (the red) is a more sensitive and outgoing one, always wanting to have fun and loving every minute of the time she spends on OLYMPUS. She is a curious girl, often trying things she has no idea about simply because she has no prior knowledge about them. Of course, this has a habit of getting her into trouble. Niulang (the blue) on the other hand is a bit more brash and adventurous, often taking unnecessary risks for the sake of achieving something he has not before. He is striven by a need to surpass himself, which, in turn, often gets him into trouble with whatever it is he encounters on these adventures of his.

Zhinu focuses more on speed, while Niulang is more about power... at least when it comes to martial arts.

Where to Find: If they cannot be found in the dormitories, strange or weird-looking places are your best bet. Or simply follow the sound of cacophony as something goes wrong (once again) in their daily lives. They are troublemakers extraordinarie.