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Chiba Takashi
Also known as: Zero

The Empty One

Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: tobias
Character type: Master, Magus
Affiliation: Taima
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Weight: 159
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue

Zero is a fictional character played by tobias in Fate/Regalia.


At 19, Zero is a bit older then he looks. He tends to be quiet and introspective, but also has a somewhat mercurial temperament, combine that with an almost pathological need to conceal his true feelings under an act rather then interacting naturally with people, and understanding Zero becomes nearly an impossibility. A member of the Taima faction, Zero lies as easy as breathing, and secrecy is a way of life for him, which has served him in good stead. There are rumors that the Enforcers have an "interest" in him.


Zero's background is shrouded in mystery, and that's the way he likes it.

It was revealed in a short story that Zero was rented out to a reclusive clan of magi perfoming inhumane magical research on a captured half demon. after spending a month, Zero manipulated and subsequently released the creature and stole the research during the slaughter, executing the clan head in the process. The half breed also escaped.

Club Affiliations[]

Zero is a member of the Manga club and is rarely seen without his sketch book, he shows a decent level of skill.


Zero arrived on Olympus with the other masters, while on the plane, he was involved in a small incident with Firo and Kazu, whom he dubbed "The jokers". After that, when presented with the hacate phone, he used his abilities to secretly scan some of the other masters.

After his first class, Zero struck up a conversation with Granus, seeming to recognize him or something about him, but demured to continue the conversation when Granus when to the fencing club, for fear of being pressed into joining something he had no ability with, and he eventually joined the manga club. In addition to a boy's love manga Haru immediatly strong armed him into finishing for what he believes to be for her private collection, there are rumors he is working on something of his own design, which he hopes to unveal at the next cultural event.

After that Zero returned to his own dorm, Zero in several instances showed hints of pride as a member of Taima, but he developed an instant dislike for the dormhead Souja, but Souja did allow him a tour of the workshops, a sort of olive branch with Zero seemed to appreciate.

After that he encountered Shizuku and Daisuke, the former of which Zero dubbed "the gazelle" certain events occured, including Zero being threatened by Daisuke, but most notably when in an uncharacteristically absent minded moment, Zero walked in on shizuku bathing. This was the first time in game hints were made about Zero's origin, when he used magic on Shizuku.

After a normal shopping routine, Zero was invited to eat with Shizuku, something which caught him completely off guard, and he accepted, later joined by Kimiko, whom Zero dubbed "Souji's dog" a short while later, Daisuke emerged in a rage, and, after being goaded by Zero, launched an attack which was foiled by Kimiko. Zero used the oppurtunity to examine Kimiko's abilities, and now seems to have a healthy respect of her abilities, and he views her as something as almost a natural counter to himself.

Zero made several internal mentions to a plan he intended to put into practise, the nature of it was revealed when Zero through various means acted to conceal his true identity, such as hiding the Hecate phone, which he believed secretly tracked his location, and disguising himself as a slightly older gentlemen named "auric" after preparing an alibi for Chiba's wherabouts. Through deductive means, he found himself at the sobbing basilisk and immediatly encountered his homeroom teacher and an unidentified patron he resorted to form and dubbed "The mark." It seemed that after utterly failing to locate some of the more normal hints to the process of summoning, Zero decided to beguile the information he wanted out of the one kind of person who might plauasibly go against the code of Olympus, a disgraced former master, and after identifying him as one, he attempted to ingratiate himself with the mark. However, a former teacher himself with a keen eye, who was in no mood for games, the mark immediatly dismissed and belittled Zero. Zero then began to goad and anger him intentionally, even going so far as to repeatedly refer to him as "old man" despite their being only about a 5 year difference in their age, a strategy Zero used to continually remind him of the end of his life's dreams. After they traded barbs, The old man threatened to attack Zero, and as an aside, informed Zero the length of time of the war, 4 years. This seemed to shock Zero and forced him to begin rethinking the situation of Olympus. After that, the mark seemed to cool just slightly, though seemed to take a malicious joy in his next action, which was to thouroughly humilate Zero by kissing him deeply and leaving. Zero left shortly after, and it was revealed that the mark had secretly given Zero some kind of note in the kiss, which Zero read and then destroyed. After that he returned to his room, studied, did some thinking, and ended the day.

On the second day, Zero rose early and created fifty documents which were revealed shortly later to be a brochure of a gathering he was hosting on saturday. Originally he used small candy as an enticement, but after a disconcerting encounter with Ryougi Rui, he encountered his club head Haru, who after admonishing for a sketch he had drawn, said he could improve his abilities by practicing in a certain manner. Pressed for time, he incorperated her ideas and later made quite a commotion by using a special reinforcement magic to allow him to put on an impromptu gymnastics show during lunch. Upon turning in his assignemnt later, he played a trump card to distract Haru from what he considered a failing attempt, a sketch based on yesterday's encounter with Raotore. overjoyed, she set him to creating more. That night, he followed the instructions on the note passed to him by Rao, which read "come to the rooftop of athena academy at 10:30 PM. Come alone. When he did so, he met Rao, who immediatly attacked him. Though fighting back with powerful forgotten magics, Zero was forced constantly on the defensive after Rao pierced Zero's blind and anti-tracking spells, culminating in Zero facing several high class magics head on. Zero survived, though was badly injured. pressed by Rao, Zero admitted he hadn't been willing to attack directly because if Rao was killed or knocked unconcious, Zero would learn nothing, and Zero promised to simply let Rao punch himself out as much as he liked. somewhat amused, Rao ceased combat. After that, he explained several aspects of the servant system and told Zero how to aqquire more, steps which Zero has been following. Ending Day two, Zero is determined to figure out the riddle and summon a powerful servant.

Incidentally, when conversing with Rao, Zero noted he would prefer a servant like a wise old monk who could lend his mind and his strength towards learning about Olympus. Who can say if this wish will be realized, however?

During the time skip, unlike most of the other masters, Zero did not immerse himself in training and/or social events. He instead pushed himself into a period of frenzied activity characterized by intermittent studying, part time work, and late night craftsmanship, the first due to Souja's requirements. the reason for this would become clear as Zero was able to restore one of the dilapidated Taima workshops to something resembling functionality; going so far as to purchase a special lamp wrought of minor magics, a significant investment considering Zero’s increasingly limited resources. Zero however, prizes his new purchase and considers it a bargain. As events continue in Olympus, he intends to continue work on his new workshop.

Zero also concluded the first day of his so called “clinic” In which he internally considered the ways that his powers might be used to affect the way people considered him, shaping his growth and fame in Olympus in ways most useful to him, Time will tell as to how whether or not his plans will come to fruition. On the last night, it was revealed Zero had pieced together the details of the summoning ritual, and thus he would move to summon his Servant as soon as possible.

Route link: "Man of a Thousand Faces"[]

Haru: Level 2

Shizuku: Level 2

Kimiko: Level 1

Granus: Level 1

Souja Mikado: Level 1

Raozore Level 2


Concept name: ???Lion head necklace???
Rank: ????
Effect: allows Zero access to AoG spells? other effects are also possible!

Magical Item:The Afternoon Sun Lamp
Rank: E
A magical item possessed by Zero currently located in his workshop. It sheds what seems like warm, natural sunlight onto a single, enclosed area and carries a bit of magic designed to ease sore muscles cramped from long hours of work. It has no combat applications to speak of.

It's primary purpose is to create an environment suitable for writing or sketching.

Mystic Code: Book of Bitter Memories
Rank: D
Mystic Code with the ability to store spells inside it. There are two slots in which one can store a spell of his choosing. Only one spell can be of C-rank, other one has to be lower. These spells can later be activated from the book with no prana cost. After utilizing a spell, it will disappear from inside the book.


Spell name: ???"byrandow"???
Rank: ???Age of god???
Effect: instantly strikes a target with complete blindness, Zero seems capable of using this with no preparation and it appears to ignore his slow casting speed. other effects are also possible!

Spell name: ??Ylerit??
Rank: ???AoG???
Effect: Zero's signs of passing have been eliminated, detection of him via the 4 senses besides sight, or by detecting emanations from his mystic circuit have been nullified, other effects are also possible!

Spell name: ???Kuyeru???
Rank: ???AoG???
Effect: cancels an enemy magecraft. other effects are also possible!

Notably, Kuyeru seemed magecraft of a truly special calibur, even Raozore seemed momentarily impressed.

Order of Peace, rank A
a pseudo-bounded field that enforces an absolute principle of non aggression, which is achieved through several means.
The ability to emotionally react to a situation is temporarily suppressed.
The damage of all attacks is reduced to rank E and the END stat of all present is increased by one. As a result, attacking an enemy is all but useless. Due to the inability of attacking in anger and the suppression of effective combat ability, these two principles result in a near certain cessation of hostilities.
As a side benefit of the suppression of hostilities, this magecraft has the unique ability of temporarily suppressing insane impulses effecting a return to sanity. It is also possible to accept this rule passively as “something that must be followed.” By accepting the rule its ability to alter the mental state improves further and lasts longer, resulting in improved ability to bolster one's ability to control themselves.

Zero uses this spell during the operation of his clinic. to put it another way, this spell is his restorative clinic.



Your work, and you yourself, are an enigma, even in the world of magi. Your spells and rituals are tough to understand, and even when experienced first-hand, enemies are unable to determine them. Unless enemies get to analyze details of your spell-formulas, they are unable to understand them to full detail. Your status screen is hidden until the enemy can work these details out.

The details are unknown. However, Zero's magecraft appears to involve delving into memories from the AoG to utilize Wyrds of power

Thatamurgy trait.
The details are unknown.