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Status of the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors[]

  1. Primate Murder: Disappeared under mysterious conditions. The last time he has been seen was when he faced off against the Princess of the True Ancestors. Although no one has witnessed him since, his presence as ally of Altrouge is still there, and thus, the actual power of the Altrouge faction has not waned at al
  2. The Dark Six: No traces of DS's presence can be found in this world anymore. For a moment, the world trembled when the first of the Elder Title walked the ground once more, but it was only for a moment. The ritual of resurrection was stopped by the team of only four people: Man with a simple knife and very rare mystic eyes and his red-haired, naginata-wielding, demon-huntress wife. Along with them there were two magi, one a famous prodigy, and one with the power of a Reality Marble.
  3. Brunestud of the Crimson Moon: No info.
  4. Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg: Last time seen in the Clock Tower, congratulating one of his students for re-creating one of his fabled relics.
  5. ORT: Still sleeping.
  6. Rizo-Waal Strout: Badly wounded in a fight against an unknown Demon Hunter. Currently recovering in his castle, and has not shown his face in couple of years. His "son" Teraka-Mera Strout has been managing his lands during this time.
  7. Forest of Einnashe: Eliminated.
  8. Fina-blood Svelten: Current whereabouts unknown, possibly eliminated. Tried to take over Corsica, but failed due to the interference of Jacques de Florence. His Parade destroyed half of Ajaccio, after which he has not been seen.
  9. Altrouge Brunestud: Disappeared after the Aylesbury incident
  10. Yamase Maiko: "Remnant Empress" who inherited the former #10's Reality Marble. Probably the kindest of all Dead Apostles, she travels from land to land, not even owning a castle. However, the Church leaves her alone because of the simple fact that she keeps eliminating very harmful mystical creatures that prey upon the normal people.
  11. Stanrobe Calhin: Eliminated(?). After devouring a small French town, she was stopped by two Burial Agency members and a magus from the east, when the latter managed to eliminate the possibility of Stanrobe existing.
  12. Jacques de Florence: Molesting Four-'n-Becky in OLYMPUS.
  13. Sion Eltnam Hyperion Atlasia: A bit of a digression. She could be a vampire, and on the other hand, she exhibits simply no vampiric tendencies at all. Yet, she still got the place after destroying her ancestor and his successor.
  14. Valery Fernand Vandelstam: Lives a pretty good life, and funds the Dead Apostle faction in OLYMPUS. In fact, it was his funding that made it possible to build OLYMPUS in the first place.
  15. Rita Rozay-en: Lives under protection of Sumire after she was nearly killed in the aftermath of the Aylesbury Ritual.
  16. Gransurg Blackmore: Nothing new under his roof.
  17. Trhvmn Ortenrosse: Managed to survive the Aylesbury ritual, but his influence amongst the Apostles has severly diminished, to the point that Altrouge could actually declare it her "victory" at this point. Still, tries to rebuild his power, and heavily opposes the presence of Dead Apostles in OLYMPUS.
  18. Enhance: Died in the Aylesbury ritual. Said to have been killed by some weird person who just stumbled in the place, wearing a hawaii-shirt and drinking insane amounts of coca-cola.
  19. ???
  20. Merem Solomon: Currently searching for the Princess of the True Ancestors, who seems to have dropped off the map. Apparently, his time is running out after losing to Gramsung Blackmore during the fight of the Aylesbury ritual.
  21. Sumire: Realized at some point that Aylesbury ritual was going to hell and fled, and was mostly saved thanks to that. She is housing the badly wounded Rita Rozay-en, and both are trying to figure out what to do now that the main goal of Apostles has been lost.
  22. Yumizuka Satsuki: The Desolate Princess of Japan, she is a mysterious Dead Apostle, rising to her position out of nowhere. Sumire tried to eliminate her on the grounds of her being an usurper with no background, but she easily matched her power. According to Sumire, Yumizuka is, instead of immortal, someone who cannot be killed because she simply fails to die.
  23. ???
  24. El Nahat: With the help of a unknown individual, recovered faster than expected and fled from the Holy Church. Currently on the run.
  25. Alexandria Cu-Aurus: The Golden Apostle, and rather new addition. He emerged during the Aylesbury ritual to defend the Emerald Island from the aftermaths of the ritual, and during that, claimed the whole Ireland as his territory. Said to be a pretty arrogant prick, yet still charming in his own way.
  26. ???
  27. Caubac Alcatraz: Still stuck as a padlock.

Dorm Head Feats[]

- The flora of OLYMPUS exists solely because of Roselia is there.

- Roselia is the last active member of the 1st Generation Masters.

- No people died in the fall of Poseidon Ward, thanks to Liza.

- Suzuka-hime was able to resolve a situation where over half of the Half-Blood dormitories almost went rampant.

- The Zeus Dome nearly dropped to the surface of OLYMPUS, thanks to Tessa going there and disrupting the damn thing with her presence.

- Venten has not managed to get a single girlfriend during his time in OLYMPUS

-Battle between former #4, and former dorm-head of the Dead Apostle faction "Celestine Franderwelder", and the then-#5, Illerina. Seems like Celestine pushed some really weird buttons in Illerina, as the latter took an Avenger-8 gatling cannon to the battle (usually used only in aeroplanes), made a small fortress out of spare ammo, and then proceeded to shoot the hell out of Celestine in the fight that happened in Poseidon Ward. The collateral damage was so huge that the engines of that ward de-stabilized, and the whole place fell. Even during the fall, Illerina managed to kill Celestine's Servant Saber by breaking her spine with her bare hands (Goddamned Hervor) and then proceeding to punch Celestine's face in (well, not literally. She died, though). And all this time, Warder just watched.

Airball Team Rankings[]

1st. Asakami Aces
2nd. Einzbern Prototypes
3rd. Half-Blood Hawks
4th. Dead Apostle Fangs
5th. China Clouds
6th. Ryougi Lights
7th. Assembly Blessings
8th. Estray Erasers
9th. Middle-East Hunters
10th. Taima Swords
11th. Chivalric Order Paladins
12th. Clock Tower Cannons
13th. Atlas Makers
14th. Fujou Winds

Ecliptic vs. Fate/Regalia[]

Match-up #1:
Gemini vs. Stanistaw Król
Verg-Sensei CHECK!
Oh boy, this would be one hell of a match. Needless to say, Stanistaw would be on constant defense, thanks to the fact that if not counting for a certain Oni, Gemini is the character in Ecliptic sporting the highest physical “attributes”. Not to mention, of course, that every time a Blood Seal on her is broken, all that power doubles. When we add the sigils that have been engraved in her skin, and activate automatically, even if she has no sanity to control them, well, it looks grim for Stanistaw……………yet I guess our boy is the one who holds a very special key that could be the downfall of a fighter like Gemini. Yes, Stanistaw, depending on how he plays his cards, sports even higher chance of defeating Gemini than a Servant. That is, as long as Gemini does not use “Forest of Empress Impaler”. After all, insta-kill is insta-kill. And you cannot run away from the largest Area-of-Effect spell Romania has ever produced.
Match-up #2:
Natasha Persikov vs. Firo Prochainezo
Verg-Sensei CHECK!
In this fight, the place decides who wins. If it’s in a certain type of area, Firo wins. If it’s outside, Natasha wins. It’s pretty clear-cut on that. However, if the fight would be put on an area that would have the properties of both, then this could turn very interesting. As both are medium-range fighters, neither has advantage over other in that property, and thus, it’s all up to their wits and individual skills. Sure, Natasha has a larger arsenal of spells (even one Grand Call, although it’s been twisted into Russian), but since there tends to be a rather recognizable pattern in her attacks thanks to her element, Firo stands a decent chance. On the other hand, Firo’s magecraft would be something Natasha would have trouble adapting to. So, it’s raw power vs. unorthodox technique, I guess? As long as Firo keeps Natasha busy and keeps chipping away her defenses little by little, forcing her to spend her mana, then he has a chance of victory. On the other hand, if he slips and lets Natasha produce that Grand Call, it’s very likely defeat for Firo. I don’t think he has a trick that is powerful enough to let him survive a copy of an Angel’s light, enough to obliterate a city.
Match-up #3:
Virgo vs. Servant Lancer
Verg-Sensei CHECK!
A homunculus versus Servant? At first, it might sound a bit strange match-up, but when you look at these fighters closer, it’s actually very fitting one. Although Lancer outclasses Virgo in pure stats, a homunculus can cope with that difference in few different ways – namely things that are something very much like Eye of the Mind (True). However, the funny thing is, Virgo might be more of a “Lancer” than Lancer himself? She possesses over fifteen spear-type artefacts, all from Celtic mythology, which means they have a vast amount of power in them. Heck, some of them even have a presence that could rip apart fabric of reality on its own. Thus, this fight would turn out most interesting. Virgo would have to employ the special abilities of all the spears in order to keep up with Lancer, but if she managed to do that, she would stand a chance against a Servant-class opponent. Well, that is, with luck?
Match-up #4:
Eftla Demir vs. Drake Walker
Verg-Sensei CHECK!
So, a man who controls the gravity versus a man who controls his own body? At first glance, this one might too be a battle which’s fate would be kind of obvious. However, Drake is not that badly screwed as it would initially seem. First of all, Numerology is a complex form of magic, and as a one who can increase his own speed, Drake would be able take an advantage of this magic. Slow-but-powerful is just that. Slow, but powerful. So what Drake would first have to ensure would be that nothing would hit him, and if Eftla decided to use large Area-of-Effect spells, minimize the damage and effects on himself. However, the fact is also, that Drake and Eftla would mix like a water and oil. For Drake’s attitude, assassin like Eftla who is both neurotic and unable to feel fear would be the worst kind of enemy. Once in a battle, there is no other way to stop Eftla than to kill him, and that would definitely put Drake to a tight spot. However, the battle itself would be a grand sight, that is for sure. ……………Well, unless Eftla whips out Antares. In which case, Drake instantly loses.
Match-up #5:
Cancer vs. Rebecca Valentine
Verg-Sensei CHECK!
So, it’s an Inquisitor versus a vampire? Well, definitely, as far as “advantages” go, Cancer is sporting a huge one here. All her spells are tied to the Arcane and Water elements, which, in short, is bit like turning all the damage that she causes through those spells to the equal damage caused by holy water. Plus, she carries stuff like Saint Sebastian’s Crown: A bow made purely out of alicorn. Not to mention her Der Nagels, copies of the nails used on the Jesus’ cross. Two of them have been infused with a soul, both unicorn and a strige. Needless to say, that’s a lot of divine stuff Rebecca needs to avoid like a plague. However, if she can get to the close range, then she definitely has the upper hand. After all, Cancer is, first and foremost, a bowman. The farther away the target, the higher her chances of victory are. Of course, in cases where she can just load Annabel (the other infused Der Nagel) to the maximum and have it deliver a Mach 10 attack to Rebecca, it’s an obvious victory. But if she has to confront the enemy in a middle- or short-range, then Cancer is in trouble. Sure enough, she has some spells that use Enochian, which can help that fact, but on the other hand……
Match-up #6:
Aries vs. Servant Reaver
Verg-Sensei CHECK!
Wow. This would be……..just wow. Reaver, as Servant as he is, would be in for a run for his money. Aries’ ability as a mage would be something that would definitely tick him off, in a bad way or a good way. On the other hand, Aries would definitely take a challenge like this seriously. Although the normal flames that are a by-product of Aries’ magic forge might be only a minor worry to Reaver, her kitsune-bi would be definitely a high-class danger, as it literally burns away magical energy – the very thing that Reaver is made out of. Add to that the precision and quality that Aries creates her weapons with, and Reaver is definitely looking at a dangerous opponent – especially if Aries releases enough tails. In any case, we would see lots of swords during this fight. And I mean a lot. It would depend on how quickly Reaver managed to adapt to an enemy like Aries who would certainly be a pseudo-nemesis for people like him. Could it actually be that Reaver, a Servant, is the underdog in this fight? Nevertheless, this fight would be certainly something I’d watch. Especially if we get to the points where the big guns, like Arche Spells and Noble Phantasms are used. Although……….I guess Lęvateinn would end it?

Ashaverse Timeline[]

1914 -> Heaven's Moon 1

1939 -> Heaven's Feel 3

1998 -> Heaven's Feel 4

2007 -> Tsukihime (This is still very variable)

2008 -> Heaven's Feel 5

2010 -> Hollow Ataraxia

2010 -> Heaven's Moon 2

2015 -> Heaven's Paradox

2020 -> Heaven's END

Also, 2020 -> Heaven's Regalia