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Noble Phantasm
Treasure Killer
Japanese name: ホウ殺人鬼
Title: "No Miracle Shall Survive"
Owner: Lancer
Type: Support
Rank: A
Range: 50
Maximum number of targets: 50

An aura generated by Lancer passively. This Noble Phantasm has no prana cost, but instead, it obstructs the actual flow of prana around him, causing the materialization of mysteries very hard, almost impossible, around him. Those in battle with Lancer will notice that they are unable to activate their Noble Phantasms, if their LCK attribute is not C or higher, or if they do not possess a skill that would grant a miracle that overturns this aura. The ultimate miracle killer, one that does not allow even the greatest armies to rise if they cannot overturn the fate. Materializes as blackened, golden chains that bind the target.

This is the Noble Phantasm that is the dire enemy of all those who try to oppose their fates with blessing that are not theirs. No matter how grand, if the enemy himself does not possess enough power to overturn the destiny, their miracle will not be able to happen. That is the true purpose of this treasure device defiler.

They say that Lancer was a man who once destroyed the dreams of a woman bent on revenge. This Noble Phantasm stems for that event, when Lancer single-handedly prevented a massive army from being created.