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Taima is a gathering place for the greatest Onmyouji of Japan.

The faction that consist of the members that are part of the Eastern Association. Taima is the Japanese version of the Clock Tower, and they are bitter enemies of Half-Blood faction, mainly because there have been lot of conflicts between these two groups before. Out of the Eastern Association's factions, Taima has the workshops that produce most results, though they are not always so reliable. There is also the fact that Taima likes to keep lot of their work to themselves, showing the other factions only few examples of what they have achieved. Taima is also in quite good relationship with the people of Hephaestus District. The Taima have a quite strict following of rules in their dorm area, thanks to the current dorm head. There has been some unrest in the dorm itself, as the current dorm head is not a man everyone likes.

Currently the Taima Faction has had three leaders, of which the latest is Souja Mikado. The history of the Taima is riddled with conflicts with the Half-Blood faction and Clock Tower. The former is due to their opposing natures of their home-country, the latter because of the fact that Taima does not see the laws of Clock Tower applying to their members. Bitter rivalries have been formed due to these reasons, and the epitome of it all is the infamous "First Rashoumon" of the Duel Chart, Pop Kim.

With the arrival of the new factions, Taima has begun expanding in the services provided by them, mostly focusing on granting possibilities of obtaining Conceptual Weaponry to factions who would not otherwise have an access to them. This has started up an uneasy pact between the Trismegistus Circle and Taima, which has earned the ire of both the Church and the traditional vampires. Time will tell if the alliance between Taima and Trismegistus Circle will expand to ATLAS and other factions with similiar world-views, or if that is all that there will be...



A typical view in Taima Dormitory.

The dorm area of Taima has taken a form of a small, Edo Period town, with houses focused around a larger villa-type building where the current dorm head has his office and personal quarters. The buildings themselves are big enough to house multiple students, and do so, while the males and females are kept separate. There has been lately a plan to make the somewhat boring enviroment of Taima area bit more vibrant with some greenlife, and so far, it has worked.

The close proximity of the platforms of other factions of Eastern Association has caused some cultural shift in the Taima Dormitories. The houses have accepted more electrical appliances and the feel of the town is not completely focused on Japanese history. Few western-style building have actually appeared in the platform, rising in the wake of OLYMPUS's expanding. Currently they are nothing more than stores and public buildings, but in the future, there has been talk of creating workshops where different members of different factions of the Eastern Association could pool up their skills and techniques to create new miracles of magecraft.

As a side-note, rumours tell about an illegal branch of the Nike Casino in the Taima Dormitories, where the students can practice traditional Japanese gambling games. Whether or not it truly exists is still uknown.

Current Members[]

The list of currently known Members of Taima faction.