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Symphony Meem
Symphony Casual
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Student
Affiliation: Middle-Eastern Order
Gender: Female
Height: 177cm
Hair color: White
Eye color: Blue

Symphony is a member of the Middle-Eastern Order. She is the roommate of PC Alacia Starward in room number 45. She has fully functional dog tail and ears (which are extremely sensitive). She seems to be connected in some way to Maxwellia Arothron. Symphony refers to him as 'Otou-san' and mentions that the dog ears and tail were added by him at some point.

Fate Regalia SymphonyAttack

Be careful, she can bite, too!


Symphony has many dog-like tendencies. She is fiercely loyal and surprisingly trusting. She also has a weakness for meat (steaks in particular).



Trance Stance: Cheetah Rank: C

By modifying her own body and relocating her bones, muscles and organs, Symphony is able to take on a different shape than the humanoid one she has normally. The changes are not that visible to the outside, but on the inside, her workings have changed drastically. Her metabolism and blood-flow now resemble that of a sprinting predator, and thus, she is able to cover surprisingly long distance at a very fast pace while utilizing this form. The new body-structure reduces her END by one rank, but boosts her AGI by two ranks.

Eosphoros Deus Rank: A

A forgotten spell. A spell that acts as a cannon of pure ether, becoming a kinetic-force-strike determined to mow down any and all magical enemies that oppose it. There are no fancy tricks or special rules to the attack. It simply delivers non-elemental damage in its purest form, in an attempt to overpower the enemy with raw force. The damage done by this spell is absolutely massive, and few beings can survive it without grievous wounds. In addition, it takes half of the prana it uses from the environment, emptying it completely. Thus, it is a very useful spell. However, the downside is that the user cannot act in the next turn, as they are exhausted by the attack.


Sword of Howling Hunt
Rank: C
An anti-spirit Conceptual Weapon, embodying the chase and thrill of a hunt. It is condensed essence of a predator forged into a sword, cutting down any and all enemies it tries to reach. Unlike normal swords, this one is mostly meant to be used as a projectile weapon. When launched towards a spirit-type enemy, it will home into the target and impale them immediately. While it might not cause enough damage to kill them, it will effectively bind them to the spot, unless the enemy can overpower the concept of the sword.

Soul Union[]

Symphony Meem & Riko Ryuko
Crescent Judgment ~Howling, Noble Hunter~
Rank: C (S)

A physical attack that is combination of demonic power and magecraft. Bypassing the resistance of Riko via route that is currently unknown, Symphony attaches ten time-variant spells into Riko, all separated by a single split of a second. For that instant, Riko and her attack exists in a single second ten times, and thus, delivers ten attacks at the prize of one. They culminate into a single, rapid-fire kick that deals extremely severe damage against anything magical or spiritual. Other information pending.