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Surian Vuste
Fate Regalia Surian Vuste
Also known as: Super Nerd 3000
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Student
Affiliation: Atlas
Gender: Male
Hair color: Teal
Eye color: Teal
STR: ? CAS: ?
END: ? PRA: ?
AGI: ?

Surian is a geek. Surian is a nerd. Surian is an otaku. Surian is a weeaboo. Surian is a brony. Surian is... well, Surian is many things. One thing he ain't, however, is an idiot. With an IQ over 300, he is one of the top members of Atlas when it comes to usage of Mind Partitions. He is also the head of the Information Warfare branch of the faction, currently utilized as a counter-measure in the case that Angelica Cage decides to start screwing with them. However, granting such a position of power to a self-centered jerk with a delusions of grandeur about himself might not have been the best idea, since he tends to utilize that group for his own selfish reasons. Surian despises the "common people" and much rather spends his days cooped up in his own room, surfing the net and causing havoc to the unsuspecting "normalfags" as he describes them.

This might all, however, stem from irrational fear of crowds and people in general. He is deathly afraid of meeting people face-to-face, and that is why he prefers to contact everyone through the internet. He event attends classes via a specialized computer with a holographic projector he has set into his seat. From there he lives his illusion of a real life, snickering at the "idiocy" of "common people" like going out with friends or doing outdoor activities in general. Such a things are beneath a genius like him, and that is why he focuses on more important, nobler tasks... like trying to one-up his one-sided rival, Evolve.

Where to Find: His room.

He is a fan of Muses, although it is a guilty pleasure of his, because 3D. Evolve barely pays him any attention as his rival.