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Stanistaw Król
Stanistaw Król New FC
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Zagrin
Character type: Master, Executor
Affiliation: Assembly of the 8th Sacrament
Gender: Male
Birthday: 16 September
Height: 171cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood type: AB
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Amber

Stanistaw Król is one of the player characters in Fate/Regalia and is the master of Crusader. Stanistaw is a second year student at Athena Academy and is a part of the Assembly of the 8th Sacrament.


Stanistaw has a calm and collected personality, tending to think things through before taking action. He has a rational mindset, treating others with respects and acting in a courteous manner, trying to prevent creating unnecessary enemies, although both his personality and demeanor can change in an instant when dealing with those he feels are a threat.


Unknown, as of now. Although it appears that he has garnered some notoriety with the Dead Apostles through his battles with them.


After arriving on OLYMPUS, Stanistaw met with the Dead Apostle, Rebecca Valentine, and the Einzbern homunculus, Siegfried von Himmelstein, on the bus to Athena Academy’s opening ceremony. Though faced with a vampire that Stanistaw knew was a dangerous enemy, he kept his cool during the encounter, treating both the vampire and homunculus with respect.

After the opening ceremony, Stanistaw went to his class, 2-D. There he discovered his teacher, Sastran Zehs, to be a child, thought slightly taken aback by this occurrence, he reasoned that their must have been some kind of reason for a teacher to be a child. A nearby girl, Sengoku Haruhime, questioned both Stanistaw and a fellow new student, Viktoria von Einzbern to their thoughts of their new teacher being a child.

Stanistaw’s formal and well-mannered introduction to the half-blood seemed to have made a good impression on her. His conversation with her went well, in which he discovered, amongst other things, that she was a part of a group called “oniwabanshu” however the conversation took a turn for the worst. When questioned as to what faction he belonged to, his reply caused Haruhime’s attitude to change completely, treating him with complete hostility before leaving, leaving Stanistaw to wonder as to what had caused Haruhime to act with such hostility with his faction.

After this turn of events, Stanistaw headed down to the first floor of Athena Academy in order to join the chess club. There he met the club president, Stan Goodfellow, and a member of the club, Hannah Montellagh. After signing up, he played a game with Hannah which, though ending in his loss, Stanistaw found enjoyable and Hannah told him that she was up for another match whenever Stanistaw felt like it.

After this, Stanistaw headed to the cafeteria to get some breakfast. While at the cafeteria, he overheard from some students something about the rumours of Olympus, he deemed to check out some of these rumours at a later time and decided to leave Athena Academy and check out the Demeter Market.

At the Demeter market, he idled around, examining the many stores that the area had to offer, which caused him to lose track of time. After realizing how long he had been at the market, he decided to head off to his dormitory and get settled in to his new home away from home.

When he entered the administrative building of the 8th Holy Sacrement, a grandeur church, in order to obtain his keys, he came face to face with a green-skinned giant, who he recognised as a servant due to the large amounts of prana leaking out of him. After failed communications with the giant, the dorm head showed up, climbing and sitting upon the giant’s shoulder. She introduced herself as Liza Mezzalforte and though her appearance was younger than one would expect of a first year student, Stanistaw paid no mind due to the fact that someone else of a higher position was even younger than her.



Divine Protection

Thanks to your utmost devotion to the Lord, you have been given a protection -from up above. This miraculous thing can save your life, even when faced with certain death. You are protected from some wounds and can avoid some fatal injuries, thanks to this holy power. However, this requires a solid faith, and you can be sensed by those whose natural enemies are agents of the church.