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Also known as: "Knight of the Woeful Countanance"

"The Ingenious Gentleman"

Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: MssrNeko
Character type: Servant
Gender: Male
Height: 191cm
Weight: 74kg
True name: unknown
Master: Luis Sancho Diaz
Alignment: Lawful Good
END: C+++ LCK: E+
AGI: D+ NP: B+
Class skills:
Personal skills:
  Banner Bearer unknown
Noble Phantasms:
Squire's Theme ~ The Foolish Knight's Banner is Unfurled

Squire's Battle Theme ~ The Gauntlet is Thrown

Squire's Noble Phantasm Theme ~ Manifestation of the Dream

"Nothing is impossible. I will reach the unreachable! I will fight the undefeatable!! I will realize this Impossible Dream!!!"

Servant of Luis Sancho Diaz in Regalia. An overzealous old gentleman who seems quite out of place in this war of heroes. Common sense and logic are almost lost on this Servant who exudes more energy than it seems. He does not see the world the way normal people; Squire "reads" the world created from his over-imaginitive mind. As such, he ventures out seeking new "quests" to fulfill his role as a "knight-errant" to spread justice and protect the helpless. But, it seems that while he takes these "tasks" in hopes in doing good, all his efforts tend to do more harm than good, much to Luis' chagrin.


Squire fashions himself after the heroes he admires. Following the laws of chivalry, Squire is everything a knight should be: honorable, courageous, merciful, etc, etc. And yet, despite all these great attributes, Squire's mind is flawed by an over-active imagination. He sees things people cannot, mistakes people for whom they are not, and generally causes misunderstandings everywhere he goes. But still, he soldiers on with his ideals to fulfill his duty as a knight-errant.

True Name[]

Unknown, but will be revealed in time......

Noble Phantasm(s)[]

Unknown, but will be revealed in time......


Squire has yet to be summoned.


Battle Introdution: "Very well, young one. I accept your challenge. But know that even the greatest of heroes are no match for one such as I."

Battle Introdution (vs Evil alignment): "Do not expect mercy from me, foul knave/wench."

Victory Quote 1: "'Now, go unto milady and proclaim that she is the most beautiful of all womankind."