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Sonata Daleth
Fate Regalia Mysterious New Character
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: ?
Affiliation: ?
Gender: Female
Height: 180cm
Hair color: White
Eye color: Blue and Orange

Sister of Symphony and Cadenza. Seems to have dragon parts, and was strong enough to cut through Vielyna's magic and be unharmed after being repelled by Saber. Is currently targetting Juliana, thinking she is the one who damaged Cadenza.

Is very probably related to Maxwellia Arothron somehow, and possibly a Chimera created by him.


Legend Owner
You are in possession of an artifact from era long gone, something that exceeds others of its kind by merely existing. You are capable of taking a Tier 3 Conceptual Weapon.

Primal Aura
Your battle instincts are honed to perfection, to the point of making you a perfect predator of the modern world. Whenever confronted with a surprise attack that would otherwise be an instant kill, you can perform a perfect dodge that will leave you with almost no damage suffered. You can also sense rapid changes in killing intent of others. However, your presence makes other afraid of you.


Sword of Roaring Carnage
Rank: A

An anti-mystery Conceptual Weapon, shaped after a claw of a dragon. A horrendously powerful sword that should never be used against creatures lesser than Sonata. When used to counter-attack another Conceptual Weapon, this weapon, unless under special circumstances, will redirect the force of the attack back to the enemy, and cause their weapon to become unusable by destroying an aspect of its Concept.


Trance Stance: Wyvern
Rank: B

By modifying her own body and reallocating her bones, muscles and organs, Sonata is able to on a different shape than the humanoid one she has normally. The changes are not that visible on the outside, but on the inside, her workings have changed drastically. Her sinew, muscle-structure and the arrangement of her bones now resemble a fast flying predator that no longer walk this earth. She also grows a pair of wings, allowing for three dimensional movement at extremely high speeds. Her AGI is increased by three ranks, and her STR is decreased by one rank due to her now hollow bones.