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A Character and Master in Fate/Regalia, played by twelveseal.

Siegfried von Himmelstein
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Also known as: Knight
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: twelveseal
Voice actor: Vic Mignogna/Paul Dobson(Vier)
Character type: Homunculus
Affiliation: Einzbern Family

Himmelstein Family


Class 2-B

Gender: Male
Birthday: July 17
Height: 177cm
Weight: 74kg
Blood type: O+
Hair color: Silver Blond
Eye color: Dark Red

Siegfried's Character Theme

Bloody Knight

Knight of Einzbern

Dread Knight

Knight Errant


Siegfried is a socially awkward young man. He tends to stutter when dealing with people he doesn't know, and tends to lack confidence in his own ability. He has a strong sense of duty towards his family's obligations, and also places great value on the relationships he builds. His personality can change dramatically, however, when calling upon the memories of his much more experienced original, a self-made, centuries-old Dead Apostle and founder of the Himmelstein family, Viergral. Sieg tends to be more confident when at work than in his free time. When on the job, Sieg can be almost mechanically ruthless.


Unknown, as of now. Sieg is known to have worked with Matthias Gummer on several occasions. He met Viktoria von Einzbern shortly before journeying to OLYMPUS.

Family History[]

Siegfried's family is known to be a vassal lineage owing loyalty to the Einzbern Family. Public knowledge declares that the Family was founded by a Homunculus created by the Unnumbered Dead Apostle Ancestor Viergral von Einzbern of the same name as Sieg himself. In actuality, the founder was merely an alias of the Dead Apostle himself.

Though exact details remain unknown, it appears that the Family is roughly six centuries old.

Current History[]

Sieg has recently arrived on OLYMPUS as part of the Einzbern party. He is currently attempting to join both the Astrology Club, and the IRIS Newspaper. He has been given the task of locating and interviewing Altrouge Brunestud. He was one of the members of a prospective alliance between Viktoria von Einzbern, Matthias Gummer, Firo Prochainezo, and Kazu no Kimon. However, the Alliance crumbled on the day it was founded with the summoning of Invoker and Kazu's promise to kill them all.

In addition to these events, Sieg is currently on a quest to locate assistance in dealing with Invoker, and to find a suitable meal to repay #37 Marauder for her assistance on the first day.

He is currently in Class 2-B, with Ursula as his Homeroom Teacher.


Unknown, as of now.


Innate Knowledge


Unknown, as of now.

Social Status and Role[]

Currently, Siegfried is fulfilling the role of bodyguard to Viktoria von Einzbern alongside his friend and comrade Matthias Gummer. As a new student, he has few connections within the city.

Clubs and Activities[]

  • Iris Newspaper: Acceptance Pending
  • Astrology Club: New Member

Relationship Links[]


"The sword of a Magus is his Craft, but the hand that wields it is Knowledge. A Magus who finds himself without that, will soon find himself without life."

"M-maybe that wouldn't be so bad. Being a Knight, I mean. A-after all, you could take pride in what you did. It might be...nice...sometimes."