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Assorted short stories related to Fate/Regalia.

Student Council[]

Athena Academy
Student Council Office

The fact was, Ouji Misaya was not a happy student council president. With the current lack in funds provided by the upper echelon that resided in ZEUS dome, she was forced to make cuts there where it would hurt the least. Unfortunately, either the student body of Athena Academy was to experience small wounds all over its body, or one of the limbs would have to be sacrificed.
“Ah, what’s this…….new water-cooler for Go-Club? Who do they think they are, office ladies….?”
The face of Go-Club’s president drifted into Ouji Misaya’s mind, and she grimaced even without wanting to do so. That vampire was of the bothersome kind, the one that would tape stacks into the handle of student council office’s door just to get back at those who did something wrong against her, no matter how little.
“Well, at least she isn’t a Master.”
“You shouldn’t speak like that. Everybody here came with a hope of being a Master, and that’s the goal we strive for. No matter how hard that road is”, the secretary of the Student Council, mild-mannered young man from Asakami clan, commented.
“It’s easy for you to say, Kuruouka-san. Your dorm had two new Masters just in one month, didn’t it? Back in Taima’s dorms, our dorm head is getting impatient since no new ones have surfaced in some time, and that restlessness reflects in his Berserker.”
“Aah, that’s right. Mikado had a Berserker? I’ve seen him so rarely after we became seniors that I sometimes forget that he managed to summon his own Servant during the summer holidays”, Kuruouka laughed in his usual, stiff way.
“And here you were scolding me about being glad someone isn’t Master, while you forget someone actually is one. Irony, perhaps? Or was that calculated?”
Kuruouka raised his hands, his trick having been seen through.
“You got me once again, president. Looks like I’m no match for your wits.”
“None of that. Now, help me with this budget plan, or we’ll be here for the whole night.”
While the two continued to throw ideas how to get out of the predicament with the least amount of people after their lives as the result, the plasma-TV that had been showing the current weather just now jumped to the close-to-midnight programs that were, in essence, pure filler. Of course, sometimes these shows managed to be useful, just like the one that was shown only here in OLYMPUS, and was very popular amongst the students.
The show was basically just a list of all Servants in the OLYMPUS, listing their current ranking in the carefully calculated “Power Ranking” that combined victories, overall power and influence in OLYMPUS. This chart then allowed the students to bet on different things, like the probability of certain matches happening, the winner of a pre-arranged match or something similar. Like in real betting, the stakes different from Servant to Servant, and beings like Saber and Assassin who kept plowing through Servants like hay earned only small sums of money on those who betted on them. On other hand, not-so-popular Servants could earn bigger winnings, but there was bigger risk of losing too.
“Hey…….have you heard about it?” Ouji Misaya suddenly asked.
“About what?” Kuruouka asked. He most likely knew already what she was referring to, but to keep the president happy, he pretended not to.
“About that black horse…….you know, the “Rankless Servant”. With no status whatsoever in this chart”, Ouji Misaya answered.
“Yeah, that’s what they call him in this rank, in the case that he would defeat someone. That way, it could be said that the “Servant rank – was defeated by Rankless”, and be done with it. But perhaps what he should be truly called would be…….Unregistered.”
Kuruouka’s eyes widened slightly. It seemed even he had not heard the whole story from the circle of friends he usually spent his time with.
“That’s what I’ve heard. Not in the database, nor is there a registered Master. A Servant who nobody knows…….” Ouji Misaya giggled to herself and allowed herself a mischievous grin. “Sounds a bit poetic, don’t you think?”
“…….That kind of guy could be dangerous, you know. Unregistered Servant is still a Servant.”
“Ah, I don’t worry too much about him. Chanter will keep me safe if worst comes to worst. But……I’d think it’d be exciting to see how a Nobody fights.”
Kuruouka smiled bitterly, but nodded.
“I don’t think Nobodies fight. Otherwise, they would be Known.”

Flight to OLYMPUS[]

Skies above South-America

Twenty minutes after leaving Rio de Janeiro International Airport

"This is captain Motohara speaking. We have now left the air-space of Rio de Janeiro, and we will be arriving in our destination of OLYMPUS academy city in one and half hour. I wish you all a pleasant journey, as does my co-pilot."
Captain Motohara pushed the button that closed the microphone and leaned back on his chair. The take-off had worked out with no problems. The weather was ideal for flying, as even the winds seemed to have calmed down from the storm of yesterday. It was funny how the weather acted like a kid throwing a tantrum now that they were March. Soon the summer would be here, and that would mean hotter days and clearer skies.
To be honest, he was bit envious of the students who got to enjoy those clear skies in their true fullness just by looking outside of their room’s window. If captain himself had been of high school age, he would have definitely wanted to attend Athena Academy, just to live on OLYMPUS.
“Well, at least I can make trips there every now and then”, he said with slight self-irony. The woman sitting on the bench behind him chuckled, as did the co-pilot.
“What’s that, captain Motohara? Feeling like reliving the days of your youth?” Woman dressed in purple asked. Motohara scratched his chin, grinning somewhat melancholically.
“Well, I’m not getting any younger from this……..” he started, but before he could add anything else, that said woman burst into laugh.
“T-that’s cruel, Nevelie-san!” he complained, but the woman just continued laughing.
“Do forgive me”, she finally apologized, and corrected the position of her beret that had slipped down on her eyes while she was laughing. “As secretary of Atlasia, there are quite few times I’m allowed to laugh like this.”
“I can imagine”, Motohara grimaced. “I’ve seen her only few times, but that Atlasia seems to be one heck of a woman.”
Now it was time for the co-pilot to chuckle. Motohara frowned at his partner.
“Y-you just concentrate on keeping this plane on-course! Leave your nasty comments after we have had hauled this whole group up in that floating piece of metal. Though I can imagine you’ll be too busy tending your hand to give out any nasty comments”, he said, causing the co-pilot to look surprised.
“E-eh? What do you mean?”
Motohara grinned in a evil way.
“Oh, you didn’t notice? Today’s your turn to give the “official welcome” to OLYMPUS for all passengers. Meaning you’ll be standing on the other side of that door when it opens, give them a handshake, a map, and welcome them to the “Paradise of Learning””, he explained, and as he did, the color drained off the co-pilot’s face.
“Umm, Miss Nevelie?” A cabin attendant that had just came in called for the woman in purple. “I think it’s time for you to start your introduction lesson, but….” her words trailed off, as if there had been some problem.
“Hmm? What’s wrong?” Nevelie asked. The cabin attendant smiled little awkwardly.
“It seems that most of them have, haha, fallen asleep. I think it would be a pity to wake them up so quickly. After all, they have travelled from all corners of the world to this place, and they must be tired…..”
Nevelie looked somewhat surprised, and stood up. She walked over to the door, and peeked into the passenger area. And indeed. Most people in this lot of students were fast asleep, some snoring, others curled up. Nevelie might have become a strict person while working as secretary of Atlasia, but even she couldn’t force herself to wake up all these youngsters after they had finally made it to their destination. Besides, it would be-
Wake up. I, Wolfgang, address you.
It was a sharp pain in her head, one that was over so fast that she was left wondering if there had truly been any pain at all. But as an alchemist, she had managed to register the pain and conclude that, for a moment, something had, in fact, caused her unnatural pain. She had no idea about the origin of that pain, but……….most likely it was not these students. She had checked all their backgrounds, and none of them would have been able to do something that would have affected something so deep inside her mind.
“So…………what was that?”
Of course, nothing answered her.
But it was alright. Nevelie Alearo had already gotten used to unexplainable, strange things. After all, she was living in OLYMPUS. The place they called “Garden of God”………….or rather………
So she decided to wait. Wait until these students would wake up. And then she would tell them about their new home. OLYMPUS. Academy city.
Eden in the Sky.

Caster vs. Warder[]

Arena: Rooftops of Demeter Market
Time: 3am
Team Challenged: Vielyna von Einzbern & Caster
Team Challenger: Herbert Dunhaillem & Warder

The whole market district seemed to have been enveloped in a silence that was most likely nothing more but illusion. Hundreds of breaths were being made as silent as it was possible, as these four figures gathered to the top of the one of the office-buildings. Facing each other this time: The heir of Dunhaillem family and Vielyna of the Einzberns. Alongside them were already their companions, heroes of the past give new forms. Warder and Caster, both eager to start this battle. Or so it seemed.
“Master……….Our opponent is a woman. Tis’ alright?” Warder asked from Herbert. Warder himself was young and fair-looking man, clad in knightly armor and carrying a colossal axe with him. His Master, on the other hand, had nothing fancier than the blue-and-white school uniform on him.
“Yes, it’s alright. It’s not as if we would be allowed to go easy on them only because they are both women. Such is the cruel nature of this War we have been thrust into”, he spoke and shook his head slightly.
“Are you pretty much done yet?” Vielyna von Einzbern asked, sounding somewhat impatient. The strict look on her face was just like it was when working as the treasurer of Student Council. “I didn’t accept this challenge just to come listen to your usual nonsense.”
The Caster beside Vielyna giggled with malice. She was dressed in an elegant dress that would have shamed those in any ball of modern day, and her raven-black hair reached all the way to the ground. But in those green eyes, there was no mercy. This was the very epitome of “Evil Queen Witch”, Caster that worked under Vielyna von Einzbern.
“Master~, let’s just destroy them and be done with it. I want to play with that young man over there after we’ve humiliated them~”, Caster’s eyes snapped to Warder, who frowned. “He looks…………delicious. I want to capture him like a bird, and put him into a cage!”
Warder sighed and swung his axe to ground. It dug deep into the roof, creating a large hole in it’s wake. This seemed to shut Caster up, as her lips were tightly sealed, yet she continued to glare at Warder and his axe. The Servant in question shook his head, as if apologizing beforehand.
“Sorry, lady, but if you’re trying to imitate an Enchanter class Servant, you will not succeed. Besides, those kinds of things cannot affect me in any case”, he said, and then let out a clear and boyish laugh. “I’m already cursed, you see!”
Herbert smiled and shrugged, as if to say that he was not responsible from the actions of his Servant. Vielyna, on other hand, stayed still. She had been eyeing both Caster and Warder for quite a while, as if calculating in her mind both the initial strength of her own Servant, and that of the enemy’s. And seeing how she bit her lip soon, there was apparently a quite big difference.
“Though I don’t know about the identity of your Servant…”, Herbert suddenly said. “…She seems to be a lady of a refined character. Thus, if possible, I’d like to suggest surrendering right now. We won’t be looking it badly, and it would save you from getting your beautiful face wounded.”
Maybe Herbert had truly meant those words as they sounded, who knows? But Caster took them as a pure insult.
“You insolent brat!” she spat out, glaring at Herbert. “I’ll teach you that they didn’t call me the “Witch of the Mountain” for nothing!”
“Well now…………seems like they are ready to go. What about you, Master?” Warder asked. Herbert nodded, his face turning serious.
“As ready as I’ll ever be. Let’s get this done with.”

Servant Warder vs. Servant Caster Call of thy soul raised a legend
Reflection of victor only in crystals of thy anima
Yes, this is fight or fall
Let this be a battle of the death of another

Duel, BEGIN!


Notice the usage of Nasu-engrish.

Silk of the Violet Moon[]

January, 21st.
Demeter Market

”Haah, haah, haah, dammit! Dammit, dammit dammit!! Why now, why of all the times, now!? If they hadn’t noticed for another five minutes, I would have been out of there richer than ever!!”
James Travester. Despite his young age, an accomplished gambler and a magus. Good looks and personality that attracted girls. Lineage any magus could be proud of, and Master of a Caster class Servant. In other words, a man who could not have it any better in OLYMPUS, the academy city of Masters.

But he had made a wrong choice.

He had cheated.
And if there was one thing the Peacock Princess hated, that was cheaters.
And now, he was running through the dark alleys of Demeter Market, fearing for his life. They had spotted him just as he had been making his exit, and thus, a chase had begun. But James Travester was not a foolish man. He knew how to avoid pursuers, even most accomplished ones. After all, all the Travesters were cheaters. Both in their gambling and in their magecraft.
Untraceable prana-source, untraceable presence, untraceable movement. He excelled in all of these. And that made him, more than anything, fit for escaping his enemies. A man whose instincts and skills had been honed by his failures, and tempered by his successes. And besides, he had a Caster class Servant protecting his escape. What did he have to fear?
Yes……………what did he have to fear?

Only one thing.
Something flashed under the brilliant, milky white moon. It was a glint of a blade. And that was enough warning for him. With a scream, he tried to run even faster, not even caring if they found him or not. Because he knew that whatever was after him, it was not from ARES. ARES was disliked by the Peacock Princess, and they were not informed if something happened at the casino. No, only one group was informed.
The beautiful, deadly flowers of carnage serving under the mischievous and cruel princess. Otherwise known as…………Hyakka Rouran. Hundred Scattering Cherry Blossoms.
But NEMESIS should not be able to track him. After all, if there was something he did well, it was escaping. So, there was only one conclusion: There was someone after him. That someone could only be NEMESIS. But members of NEMESIS could not find him. Therefore……………
It had to be her. The other moon of OLYMPUS had descended from the sky.

And as if to answer that thought………..she stood there, on the alley, only 10 meters away from James Travester, blocking his path.
Eyes that were like pearls. Hair that was black as night. Ninjato that sang in the night. Clad in a kimono black as crow, with violet petals adorning it.
“Y-you…………….Don’t!! Stay away from me!! DON’T COME ANY CLOSER!!!”
James Travester could only shriek. For he was a foolish prey. And foolish prey, realizing he can no longer escapes, can only beg for mercy.
Something he will never get.
The girl says nothing. But that silence tells James Travester that this is the real deal.
A girl who is no magus or alchemist, has no demonic blood or psychic powers, is not undead nor blessed by the God. Simply a girl with a blade.

And yet, she is the death of all whom meet her. “Silk of the Violet Moon”, as they call her.
In a moment of despair, James Travester looked at his right hand, and prepared to issue a command which would consume his second Command Spell. Nevertheless, it would bring Caster here, to protect him. Alone, he had no way to defeat this girl.
Even though she was just a mere woman with a sword.
But it was not there. He had no more Command Spells. They had…………..burned out.
Caster had been killed.
“You……………don’t tell me that you………” James Travester looked up to the girl in the alley.
But she was nowhere to be seen. In that fraction of a second, James Travester realized he had gambled for a last time………..and lost. For that opening he showed was enough for this girl.
He didn’t even have time to think. His head was sliced cleanly off his shoulders.
Yes. With a single slash, the great magus known as James Travester, “Unlimited Doors”, lost to a mere woman with a sword.
But let us forgive him. After all…………………
…………..That woman was leader of the NEMESIS, “Silk of the Violet Moon”.

Author's Notes[]

To avoid spoiling too much, guess I'll just talk about the general idea and theme of Regalia, or rather, it's story. You see, this thing was not as recent thing as some of you might think.
The idea that is behind this story, but not the story itself, was created about six years ago when I finished Final Fantasy 8. Back then the idea was still just a fresh thing, and though I tried to use it in various short stories, it just didn't get wind under it's wings. Thus, I just put it in the shelf in my mind with other unfinished ideas. And it remained there for a extended period of time, though I once borrowed a part of it in my foolish attempt to write high fantasy back some three years ago.
Well, it was not until that I finished Utawarerumono, about two years ago (was it?), that I found something to use to extend this idea I had. Utawarerumono gave me the boost to return to this idea, and so I tweaked it, expanded it, and finally finalized it to it's first form. I never used it in any story, but it still was there, ready to be used whenever I wanted.
Now, thanks to three things, that idea turned into a story. First of all, I was introduced to the Type-Moon stories, which is the most obvious thing. Second, I started and finished Chrono Cross. That thing solidified some things in the idea, changed aspects of some, and gave me the finals things I needed to actually make it work as a story.
The third and the last thing was this infamous video, it's music and lyrics. It gave an actual direction, a new idea, that I incorporated to the original, and finally, the story got the form it has today. This song was important in a way like..........hmm..........."Whydunnit" is important to a mystery story.
Finally, after playing Persona 4 and reading about Fate/Extra, I knew that I should try to use this idea in the form of an RP. It would work far better there, thanks to the large amount of characters (most of the NPC characters are actually remnants of the original story, rather than just something added in it), and the large amound of "protagonists" (players). With P4's sleek atmosphere, it also got the enviroment it needed, and well........
Then Fate/Regalia was born.
And yes, I guess you can call "Bad Apple!!" as Fate/Regalia's theme song.

Eternal Forest[]

The original ones were not ones that he was satisfied
So he let the flood destroy them all, burying everything deep beneath the sea and forest
And after creating us, his children
Viracocha disappeared into the azure sea


This forest is too messed up. It curses me, and won’t let go. Why ever did I come down here? Did I really believe his stories? Was I really a fool like that? I’m just going to die here, aren’t I? My abilities, none of them have worked against this. Why did I ignore his warnings about not owning a Servant.
So……………Is this my fault?
In the end…………is this my fault? That I will die?
I can’t retreat any more, these ruins are in the way. These ruins that should not exist, that continue for eternity inside this forest. Yes……..Eternal Forest. I can hear the drums. The drums, deep in the forest. They are calling my name.
The forest is cursing my name.
And when that hand rises, I can do nothing to block it. I have no one to fight alongside me, and what is before me is too powerful for me to handle. The feathers and scales, the fur and fangs………all of them are marks of majesty.
And now, the forest whispers my name. It welcomes me.
“This is where you will stay for eternity.”
And thus, the forest curses me for eternity. And I become part of this forest as that fist comes down, crushing my face.
I can hear the…………..sound of his lute……………..far up above………..
In the…………..Eden…………………in the………….


Cruel is the ebb of the tides of Time
There exists no one that won’t return to the Sea of Origin, in the end
And in those depths that are the most blue of them all
Even if thou call out, thy words cannot by heard by anyone
There is no forgiveness for those that have lost
And only the crystals of the ocean shall reflect their features from this moment onwards
Future is nothing certain
And nothing is certain in Future
Not even that it is ever reached by any us...

Dorm Heads[]

”So, it seems the new students have arrived.”

The voice that rang through the darkness was one that belonged to a handsome, young man. He and the others made their way towards the large, white table in the center of the room. It was the table only they, and the ones before them, had seen. No other student in OLYMPUS had ever seen it, let alone touched it.

“………….that sounds like a pain in the ass”, a tired voice answered. “……… Anyone interesting?”

“Not a single one. Most likely they’ll be bunch of dipshits who won’t even get chosen”, girl who sat down gave her own opinion, but the rough laugh of the man who sat across from her cut her off.

“Hooh? Didn’t you say same about that Asla guy?”

“S-shut the fuck up! You weed-dick!” the girl snarled, but was hit in the head by a young man who passed behind her. He scolded her with a strict voice.

“Silence. I won’t allow that kind of language in this room. We are not some kind of plebeians, now, are we?”

“S-she couldn’t help it, you know? With the……provoking…..I mean”, another young girl came to earlier one’s defense, but the young man completely ignored her, and instead, sat on his own high-backed chair.

“Don’t worry too much”, another girl laughed and ruffled the young one’s hair, before taking her own place and leaning on the table with her elbows, looking like she was about to doze off. “You guys mind if I take a quick nap? I’m still more than a bit *yawn* sleepy….”

“Yes, we do”, the strict young man answered once again. “Please try to get your act together at least in our meetings. Speaking of which………I’m somewhat surprised you showed up.”

The last comment was directed to a shrouded young man, who had been sitting there all along without anyone noticing.

“I thought I’d come at least once”, was the short and to-the-point answer. However, the woman who sat from across from him giggled.

“Oh, and the fact that we came to get you didn’t affect your decision at all?” she asked sweetly, but her question developed quickly into hacking cough, which, fortunately, subsided.

“Don’t overdo it”, another woman commented. “And it does not matter for what reason he came. In the end, he came here, didn’t he?”

The sweet voice caused everyone to smile to some extent. Even the elegant looking man in cape nodded twice after hearing this.

“Indeed. After all, hasn’t this always been a motto of sorts for us? “The reasons do no matter, as long as we get the same results”?” he asked, but there was a hint of sarcasm in his voice. However, he was punished as a small fist hit his side, and the man yelped in pain.


“Thank you, dear”, the kind woman thanked the small girl who had hit the man. “Now……….where might those three be? It has been some time already….”

“Oh, I’m sure they’ll be here soon”, a small girl with blue eyes answered from her seat, in which she had arrived without others noticing. “Well, speaking of which…”

The door on the other end of the dimly lit room opened. The light from outside illuminated the three figures that stood in the doorway, and once they began to approach and the doors closed, they still seemed to retain that same glow they had had.

Two of them were dressed in the same way as the other people in the room. And at the same time, they were dressed differently than anyone else in the whole Academy City. Black cloaks with sleeves that covered their whole body. The cloaks’ edges had white lines going around them, and in the back, there were large, white symbols that resembled hexagrams of I Ching. Each person in the room had a different hexagram on their back, and the person standing in middle of the ones that had entered had one of straight, horizontal white lines with nothing else.

Along with the person in the middle, there was a blue-haired woman to person's right side, and a man glad in white clothing to the left. These three approached the people sitting around the table.

Though right now, they were not the only ones anymore. No. Right now, there was another person standing behind every chair, almost like a bodyguard. Where had they come from? What did it even matter? Those “bodyguards” radiated such magical energy they couldn’t be possibly considered humans.

“Good morning, Dorm Heads of OLYMPUS” the person in the middle said. The eyes that wandered over the people sitting were no more than slits, almost like fox’s. “It seems that a new semester dawns upon us……………so I think there are matters we must discuss while everyone else is down at the entrance ceremony.”

The person with a face like fox’s sat down to the last of the empty seats. In other words, the one at the head of the table.

“…………..I think nobody objects if we are to start with the matters concerning the new students that have just arrived, hmmm?”

And indeed, nobody objected.


Somewhere in the southern lands

The night had arrived.
The deep, deep and blue night.
The whole land was supposed to be silent. But it was not so. The yells of warriors kept breaking the silence, the light of their torches illuminated this vast blackness. The stampede of the horses they rode also echoed across the plain. There were about hundred of them, or so. A small advance force, the one of elites who had taken the lead in their hunger for glory. But these soldiers were nothing without their leader.
"Are you ready?"
The shining princess who lead that force. The one whose voice rang like a beautiful bell, even over the excited warcries. And to the question imposed by that voice, the soldiers answered with their most enthusiastic yell. Their voice made the earth tremble.
And the woman who led them smiled like the demon herself. She sat on her white horse, in women's saddle, her arms crossed across her chest. After all, her horse was wise enough to take her anywhere she wanted, without her even having to guide it.
"Then let's go, children of this light!" she commanded with her voice of authority.
And so those soldiers rode forward, to the edge of large hill.


Under the moonlight, two armies faced each other. Their swords and spears were readied, and the grim veterans who led them steeled themselves once again. They were about to take lives of their enemies.
Neither army had really wanted this battle. But it was something that had been ordered, and so, these loyal soldiers fought.
But what stopped them was a voice that announced the presence of a new enemy.
One as beautiful as the night itself.
"Wash thy necks and wait there quietly, you foolish men!" the young woman yelled. "The head of the northern land, *********, has arrived!!!"
So the luminous army rode down the hill.
And the battle between the two armies turned into the slaughter of both.

Kazu and Tatsumi[]


Hokkaido, Japan

”How horrible. For her parents to die in arson…………..maybe it would have been better for the firefighters to leave her inside that burning villa? That girl……….she has nowhere to go, does she?”

“That’s right, all her family died in that fire. And her family wasn’t exactly liked…………………poor girl.”

“If you pity her that much, why won’t you take her in?”

“No way! I’ve got my own kids to take care of! Besides, all that talk about her family………..they say that bloodline is cursed, cursed I say. I don’t want a cursed child under my roof.”

“My, my, that’s right, the curse of Kisaragi family…………..Ki, written with the character of “oni”. They say that is the mark of a cursed family........”

………….They aren’t really wrong, those people. I guess my family was cursed after all. How else could you explain my father growing horns yesterday night and ripping my mother in half in front of my very eyes, before being consumed by my mother’s blood which was like gasoline, and ignited as it came to contact with the air. So yeah, my family was cursed. The cursed demonic family of Kisaragi, as they call it.

The rain that keeps pouring on me feels cold and heavy, and my kimono is soaking wet. But I can’t really move. Where would I go? After all, the house I lived for the last thirteen years is now a smoldering ruin in front of me. And even the people that were somewhere behind me, like some audience or something, have gone, still talking about how unfortunate it is to me, but refusing to help me. But honestly, I don’t blame them. Everybody must make sure they themselves, and their kids, live. They cannot take care of cursed girls like me.

I know that. I understand why they cannot help me. So I wonder why…….

…………I wonder why…………….

I wonder why I still cannot stop crying?


The sound of footsteps behind me does not make me raise my head, but it informs me a person approaches. I know who this person is, but I don’t actually know him that well. You see, those old ladies from before were lying. Or rather, they didn’t know the whole truth. It wasn’t the firefighters who had gotten me out of that burning place. No, they had just extinguished the fire. The person who saved me, on the other hand…………was this young man. The one standing behind me right now.

“How long are you just gonna stand there?” he asks in a rough way. I don’t think he’s even adult yet, but his stature and way of speaking make him seem like an old thug or something. Yakuza, maybe?

“You know, since you made it out alive, I would have expected to hear at least a word of thanks.”



Why should I even thank you?


He look surprised as I open my mouth to voice my question.

“Why did you……… me? Why didn’t you…………let me die with my mother and father!?” I turn around and face him. Imposing young man with blonde hair, clad in white, large jacket.

Those blue eyes look at me and he heaves a big sigh.

“Stop it. That kind of words are just stupid. You live, which is certainly what your parents would have wanted to happen to you, rather than dying. But it’s not like I really care about what your parents wanted. I saved you out of a pure whim, really. So it feels a bit dull when someone hates you for actually saving you. I could have even understood hating me for not saving your mother and father, but for actually saving you? Give me a break, brat……..” He scratches the back of his head.

He may have saved me……..but now he left me all alone in this world. I don’t want to be alone. If I had died, maybe I would be in the place where my father and mother are right now. But now…………… I’m all alone. With no one to help me survive in this world……

……and that’s even worse than dying.

“I guess……..I really am cursed”, I finally speak, looking at those smoking ruins.

“Huh?” he asks.

“I mean, just look at my name…..Kisaragi Tatsumi. Both “Ki” and “Mi” contain the character for “Oni”….demon. I’ve been cursed twice, in both of my names. No wonder……………no wonder this kind of thing happened to me. Cursed to die at first, and then cursed to not die by the second……’s just not fair……!” I dig my nails into my arms, trying to hug myself to protect myself from the cold around me.

“……..” the man says nothing.

But instead………..he gives me warmth. That large coat of his is placed upon my shoulders, and I find myself completely covered by it. It almost swallows me up, such is the difference between our frames. The man himself has now only a slightly China-esque sleeveless shirt to cover his chest, but the cold doesn’t seem to bother him. Instead, his piercing sapphire gaze is directed at me.

“Idiot. You don’t even know kanji properly yet, brat”, he says.

I look at him, confusedly, while pulling the coat around me even tighter. Now only my head is outside, and warmth starts to return to my body.

“”Mi” may contain character for “Oni”, but it does not mean it…………it actually is a “Protective Charm”. So instead of cursing you twice, like you thought, your parents protected you from your last name with your first name. That’s why you survived. You weren’t “cursed to remain alive”. You were “protected from death””, he said, before looking up at the sky. “After all, Oni is not only a creature of destruction. It also protects………those with it.”


And if Oni is something that protects, then…………maybe then……………

“……..Can I come with you?” I ask. The young man looks at me, but has no surprised expression.

“It’s your own choice. And you can leave whenever your want.”

“Then I’ll come”, I decided. “It’s not like I have anything here. But where are you going?”

“I don’t know yet”, he answers with a dry smile on his face. Then, with a slow turn, he faces the road again and takes his first step. I hurry after him, but wearing both kimono and his jacket slows me down, as my feet are not as long as his.

But he keeps his steps in time with mine, so I can keep up without exhausting myself. Almost like a Oni, walking beside me, to protect me. Just like his whim to save me, he decided on a whim to take me with him and protect me. He does not care if I leave or if I stay. If I happen to stay, he’ll protect me.

After all, that’s what the kind of Oni he is, does.

“Hey………..What’s your name?”


“Then…………then I’ll call you Kazu-sempai. And from this moment onward, I’m in your care.”

The man looks somewhat troubled.

“…………could you drop the sempai part? It sounds weird.”


“Strange girl.”

Master Match-Ups[]

Awesome Master Match-Ups!

Who would make the most awesome battles, and who would come out on top? Let’s find out!

Liu Long Mei (F/R) vs. Tohsaka Rin (F/SN) Verg-sensei, CHECK!

Surprisingly enough, Mei would be giving Rin a run for her money. Literally. Those jewels would be used multiple times during the course of the battle, and while they all possess a threat to Mei, she would not necessarily be defeated just by a one of them. Meanwhile, while Rin boasts a formidable powers and knowledge even in melee, this is where Mei has her completely beaten. If the fight draws to a close range, Mei could well emerge victorious. In middle and long range, though? Rin has the upper hand, mainly because she can dish out far more and far more powerfully.

Zero (F/R) vs. Kuzuki Souchirou (F/SN) Verg-sensei CHECK!

This would be a very interesting fight, mostly because these guys would be one of the worst matches out there. Most of the tricks Zero is so proud of would crumble before the “I-am-normal-yet-so-goddamned-badass” of Kuzuki, while Kuzuki himself would be having problems with Zero for the obvious reasons. Zero is more powerful, but that does give him the victory. Could it be that Kuzuki’s weakness is his greatest strength here? Backed up by Caster’s Reinforcement, I’d give this fight to Kuzuki, but no matter which the case, we would be seeing some rather enjoyable fighting.

Firo Prochainezo (F/R) vs. Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi (F/Z) Verg-sensei CHECK!

The true magus-type fight, this is. I don’t think there is more “fundamental” Master battle out there, with these two pitting their magecraft against each other. Plus there is their pride as magi, so we’d have a flashy and dangerous battle which would make us rub our eyes. Kayneth excels with his experience, and that Hydrogen Volume is really dangerous for Firo, but in right conditions and with right preparations, Firo can even out the playing field. Of course, these two would more likely leave the fight to their Servant rather than to fight against each other, because they would know it being a pain with them two matched against each other.

Hakan Strikr (F/R) vs. Tohsaka Tokiomi (F/Z) Verg-sensei, CHECK!

Pride against pride! The lineage of a venerable, old magus family and a vampire who is even older than that! Surely enough, these two would either hate each other’s guts, or get along splendidly. Still, in fight, I can imagine these two being at the very same of the spectrum. Both use methods that would and could be called “basic”, yet excel at them on their own. They are “best at what they do”, and thus, would give a hell of a show if they could be driven to the point where they would fight against each other. But as said, most likely, if they were left in a room for a while, most likely a fight would break out. After all, that pride is a big thing.

Kimon no Kazu (F/R) vs. Kotomine Kirei (F/Z) Verg-sensei, CHECK!

Oh wow. Under normal conditions, Kotomine would be in deep, deep trouble. The funny thing about Kazu is that although he excels at nothing special, he still manages to beat those that try to fight him. So, normal things that Kotomine would try would not work. Black Keys, physical attacks, spells…..most of them would just be a minor bump in the road, and in comparison, Kazu would be like a force of nature. Only when the boost of the Command Seals would be put to the motion would the fight become awesome. It would basically be just two guys pummeling the hell out of each other, with only a little of actual strategy. The winner? One who gets exhausted first.

Felix Caelum (F/R) vs. Emiya Shirou (F/SN) Verg-sensei, CHECK!

Oh, two complete amateurs. But while Felix is a gifted amateur (wait, is that even an amateur? Maybe it would be better to call him “newbie”?), Emiya Shirou is not. While Emiya Shirou is highly specialized, Felix Caelum is not. The core is similar, yet they are fundamentally very different. Of course, this would make it a very, very interesting fight. There’s also the thing with their personalities. However, the winner of the fight is solely depending on how much time is spent. The faster Felix can defeat Shirou, the better. But the more time passes, and the more time Shirou has to pull out UBW or some NP, the smaller Felix’s chances get. Though in this case, I don’t think the loser dies?

Fujou Rei (F/R) vs. Bazett Fraga McRemitz (F/HA) Verg-sensei, CHECK!

The type of fight that would depend solely on how creative Rei can get. Bazett beats her easily enough if things don’t change, but if Rei can understand that and take risks, not to mention using her brains, she could squeeze out a victory. In other words, while this would most likely end up in Bazett’s victory, what would make this fight awesome would be the fight against great obstacle that Rei is facing. A fight like that against a Final Boss that refuses to go down, and to which your attacks don’t cause enough damage. An epic struggle, with a possible miracle in the end? Or maybe not.

Luthor Nitro (F/R) vs. Matou Shinji (F/SN) Verg-sensei, CHECK!

Baka-Masters, unite! These two would be like water and oil, never mixing. But hey, at least, if they fought, we would win no matter what? Though I guess that even in this case, I’d have to give victory for Luthor. Shinji-kun goes BANG!

Servant Previews[]

Verg-sensei’s Vague One-Liners CHECK!

So let’s get it on, and see what kind of powerlevels we are talking about without revealing anything! I guess we’ll be going on the alphabetical order, which means that the first one is going to be…

Archer: This enemy is the kind that frustrates his opponents. But is he deadly? Give him the right enviroment, and I’m sure that we are looking at the Batman of his own time. But then again, Supermans tended to appear regularly during those times….

Artificer: So basic, so basic. But is this Lorelei-style basics? I mean, this guy would make EMIYA cry. I would name him one of the most ”I am what defines this class” type of Servants around, but on the other hand, I guess it’s his class that defines him?

Assassin: What can I say? This is the type of Assassin that definitely continues the great tradition that was started in F/SN. Even though she’s not an old man, her powers make it clear why she earned that title.

Betrayer: A powerful Betrayer, which is kind of surprising. This guy was alright, I guess, but he was also a prick. But, as Nasuverse shows, when you have enough power, you can be a prick to others. But that was then, and this is now, and things have changed a bit.

Berserker: A rather unorthodox Berserker, but on her own class, she is one of the top dogs. Though is it enough to actually match against some of the monsters in this war? The chances of her dying are not as high as KENTA thinks, though…

Caster: Amongst some of the monsters in his Class, I guess this Caster might not shine with his legend. Yet, he definitely can open a can of whoop-ass on his own. Too bad this glass-jaw will get himself punched silly if he does one mistake. Though, on other hand, he’s not Tohsaka-type?

Chanter: Rather weird, but on the other hand, very famous Chanter. The tricks up his sleeve are the type that will get the opponent sucked into his pace, and getting out from there is really hard. The type of enemy that is best not fought without knowledge about him.

Crusader: He packs a punch? I guess this guy would have also made an excellent Saber or Defender, but because of who he is, he is thrown to the Crusader Class without a second thought. So let’s not blame the guy.

Defender: This was…….quite an odd Defender, yet I can understand why she is one. Sure enough, she is one of the most ”down to earth” people around here, yet I can imagine that she does not go down so easy as others might wish.

Enchanter: Sure enough, there are not many Enchanters better than her. Hell, there are not many Servants better than her at all. Though I must admit, she does her flaws, one which will most likely be exploited in order for others to gain victory over her.

Gunner: The type of Gunner that will not quit, even though he might meet monsters that towered above him on the power-scale. Still, has one of the NPs I find the coolest around here, and in my books, that’s a pretty good thing.

Hunter: Do I have to say something about Hunter? Other than that he is a prick, but prick with power. He succeeded in where others failed, but had quite a lot of help on the way. Still, a dangerous opponent.

Invoker: Frail glass cannon or unmovable fortress? Seems to fluctuate in and out of these two positions. Still, she just makes Kazu fight, so I can’t really say much about her actual fighting power. Spoiled princess that is cruel to both enemies and subordinates? Undeniable finisher.

Kaiser: A pretty basic Kaiser. But what kind of king is basic? In any case, he has few pretty interesting Noble Phantasms thanks to his strange background, yet this king might find it hard to compete with those on the more ”mythical” side of things.

Lancer: A guy with those ”basic” Noble Phantasms. And with that I meant ”Excalibur-basic-beam-sword” type of basic Noble Phantasms. However, I guess his fast way to adapt to different situations might help him?

Marauder: Another one of those people that are powerful on their own level, yet they have all the Herculean monsters towering above others. Still, Marauder has few tricks up his sleeve, and tenacity that does not lose to anyone.

Murderer: No comment.

Ravager: One of the most powerful Ravager’s there is, I guess. That Noble Phantasm fucks up some shit. Still, nobody is invincible. Some people, like this Ravager, are just a bit more invincible than others.

Reaver: A rather strange Reaver, but on the other hand, shouldn’t this be what Reaver’s are all about? Of course, it would depend on who we asked if he would fit Reaver’s role at all. In any case, another Servant that can adapt.

Rider: This is an interesting Rider. And actually, mythologically interesting. She is on the upper part of the power scale, that’s for sure, at least. But by no doubt that there are few people out there that might get her completely defenseless.

Saber: The very epitome of Saber, or very unorthodox Saber? I’ll let you guys decide after you see him in action, though I must say, I quite like this Saber. In the end, after all, Saber Class Servant is Saber Class Servant.

Saver: Another Servant who dangles around the top tier of this war. However, it does not mean that he has any more chance to win than few others. He has few quite nice Noble Phantasms, but who knows if they prove effective enough against all the variety of opponents out there….?

Seer: A weak Servant that I would still not want to fight against. Of the Seers out there, she is one that could be most troublesome of the lot. Against some of the Servants we have here, she is going to a royal pain that could win against the most powerful ones….?

Squire: Another Servant that I like very much. A true ”turn around the tide of battle” style of Servant that will cause few surprises to those going against him. Unpredictable Servant, would the most appropriate way of saying it, I guess?

Trickster: Trickster is Trickster, there is no doubt about it. Quite surprising for him to end up in this class, but on the other hand, understandable. He has quite interesting Noble Phantasm(s), but on the other hand, those don’t promise him victory.

Warder: Another one of those Servants that are on the higher levels. Yet, can be brought down just like a Servant on lower level? How come this guy reminds me of EMIYA in certain way, yet there is nothing similar, on the other hand….?