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Fujou Shizuka
Japanese name: 巫女静香
Also known as: "Steel Empress"
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Racinger
Voice actor: Rie Tanaka
Character type: Human (Demon Hunter bloodline)
Affiliation: Demon Hunter Organization
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 18th
Height: 1,56cm
Weight: 43kg
Three sizes: B82-W56-H81
Blood type: AB+
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Shizuka's Battle Theme ~ Wandering Words Lead to Heaven

??? Theme ~ Necrofantasia

Fujou Shizuka is one of the main characters from Fate/Regalia, and the Master of Hunter. She attends the Athena Academy, in the flying city of OLYMPUS.


Shizuka is a carefree, cheerful person, if a bit sarcastic at times. She never had much social contact on her life, so she has some small problems with talking to people, even with her usually open attitude.She is of the type that does whatever she wants, and even her official reason to enter OLYMPUS doesn't seem to hold much weight on her. A person that values both family and friendship, and seems more of a free spirit that one would expect of someone as traditional-looking.

Shizuka seems to be very loyal to the Fujou Clan, but seems to harbor no ill will towards Half-Bloods, following some "Live-and-let-live" kind of motto. However, she, as a member of the DHO, seems to have some sense of responsability when it comes to putting down those who stray off the path.

It seems like there is something strange and dark underneath her personality...


Unknown, although she seems to have some kind of mission in OLYMPUS, which she seems to have found impossible to carry under current conditions, and suspects a second meaning to it.

Tidbits of her family have been mentioned, including having an elder brother that died at the hands of a Crimson Red Vermillion, an elder sister and a little sister named Asuka. Also, it was revealed that she was appointed her mission after defeating three particularly problematic Half Bloods.



Route Link: Broken Pathway[]

Fujou Satoko: Level 3/1

Fujou Rei: Level 4/1

Fujou Erika: Level 1/1

Fujou Suzuka: Level 1/1

Araya Shiki: ???

Luthor Nitro: Level 1/0

Liu Long Mei: Level 1/0

Alacia Starward: Level 1/0

Asakami Cornelia: Level 1/0


Abilities and Skills[]

As a member of a sub-branch of the Fujou Clan, Shizuka is a Synchronizer, and doesn't suffer of blindness, unlike the majority of the family.

Mystic Eyes and high end ESP have been confirmed, furthermore, she seems to fight using a wide arrangement of knives and a sword. Taking in account her bloodline, oddities are to be expected from her.


Synchronizer: You are capable of transferring energy from yourself to another being and vice versa. This happens through exchange of bodily fluids, and the effect depends on the fluid itself. In other words, you can heal others through your own life-force, but you are weakened in the process. There are other usages too, like with Half-Bloods…

Primal Visage: Your battle instincts have become those of an animal, to the point where your mind hunts like one. Whenever confronted with a surprise attack that would otherwise be an instant kill, you are able to dodge that attack and suffer less damage than you usually would. In addition, your ambushes grant you a single additional Turn. However, your presence makes others steer clear of you, impairing your R.Link progress slightly.

Mystic Eyes of Threat Perception: An activable set of Mystic Eyes that Shizuka received as a fluke of genetics. When activated, those Mystic Eyes lend her the power to perceive the "Threat" of everything that is in her range of vision. Threat levels are represented by a colored aura of the green-yellow-red spectrum, that she sees around everything that can be a threat. Those who are pure green represent no threat at all, while those who are the strongest red, present immense amounts of threat. With this, not only she can know how much threat her opponent presents, but also she can analyze separately the threat level of their attacks, following the same color scheme.


The true nature of Shizuka's ESP is still unknown.


Anti-Demon Sacred Katana
Rank: D
An unnamed, sacred weapon of the Fujou Clan, specialized in exorcising and damaging demons. It is a 82 cm very high quality weapon of steel. Its hilt has some decorations, indicating its origin as a ritual accessory, but it mostly looks normalish, with an exception on its unusual (9 cm more than the normal maximum of a katana) length. Was given to Shizuka as a gift for defeating the three half bloods.

50 Throwing Knives Set
Rank: D
A conceptual set of throwing knives inherited of her father. Their origins are unknown, but they have been used for a long time by him. They have a small anti-demon power. Their actual effects are unknown. Upgraded by a rank by Tetsuyama Rin.