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Shiragiri Airi
Fate Regalia Shiragiri Airi
Also known as: Priestess of the Scaled God
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Student
Affiliation: Taima
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Orange
STR: ? CAS: ?
END: ? PRA: ?
AGI: ?

Airi is originally an Ainu, which puts her at odds with most of the members of Taima by default. Someone like her is in direct opposition of their usual ways, and introducing someone of such an origin to the midst of the power-hungry magi could lead to a very bloody internal conflict... if not for the fact that Airi is one of the most forgiving, kind persons one could meet. Adopting the Shinto ways of priesthood, she mixes both her own system of belief as well as those of the modern days to come up with a completely new mindset of faith, one that seeks to accommodate for all. In a sense, Airi is a woman gladly plays the caretaker, or elder sister, of everyone so that the people around her can co-exist in peace. In other words, she is a girl who values kindness to others above all else, and is often called in as a negotiator between two parties with an argument, even if it is not about the members of her own faction.

Airi, though peaceful by nature, has a reputation of being a very extraordinary magus. A personal priestess of a certain god with a form of a snake, she can match even the most powerful ones in her own special way, and though she might not win the battle, rarely does she suffer any wounds. This special characteristic of hers is also why she is a favored outsider to judge results of Duel Battles, because collateral damage has a little meaning to her. Of course, this means that she has witnessed many Servant battles, but she has given her promise not to talk about what she sees, and thus, she is the trusted guardian of many secrets better left unspoken. Naturally, many would seek to steal this knowledge from her... but with an army of protective Masters at her practical beck-and-call, nobody is stupid enough to try.

Where to Find: the main shrine dedicated to Airi's chosen god lies at the southern edge of the Taima dormitory ward, and this is where she can often be found.

Pop Kim avoids Airi like the plague, as she doesn't match well with her. Airi is part of the Tea Ceremony Club and the Go-Club, and Kaoru is pretty fond of her.