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Shang Asuka
Shang asuka
Japanese name: 商 飛鳥
Also known as: Shang Lan Fen (Chinese Name)

Shou Asuka (Japanese Name)

Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Sei
Voice actor: Itou Shizuka
Character type: Magus
Affiliation: China Order
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 14
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Three sizes: B79/W55/H78
Blood type: AB
Hair color: Dark Green
Eye color: Brown
Normal Theme - WILD CARD

Battle Theme 1 - Regalia

Battle Theme 2 - Felys

Asuka is a new Master introduced in Fate/Regalia. She acts as the Master of Berserker.

Possessing both Chinese and Japanese blood, Asuka is the result of an attempt to save two magus families from extinction. Inheriting both families' teaching and using them to supplement each other, Asuka wishes to restore the name of the Shang.


At first glance, Asuka gives off the impression of an "untouchable" woman of class. Often times she will not speak unless spoken to, and when she does talk, she has a tendancy of being rather blunt. It's for these reasons that she initially comes off as an unfriendly person; however, the fact of the matter is that she is a clumsy girl who tries to defend her image with pride.

As the heir to the Shang Family, Asuka has been raised to be a graceful and eloquent young woman. In day-to-day conversation, she is best described as being sharp, perceptive, and direct; while maintaining a reserved manner to show respect. While she has no qualms with speaking her mind, Asuka will often hold her tongue so as not to stir up trouble. However, despite her upbringing, because she is easiy flustered with the right words, she can often times forget to do this, causing her to lash out in a rage.

Due to the current situation of her family, Asuka has been shut off from the outside world for almost her whole life. Because of this, despite being on the verge of adulthood, Asuka is plagued with a child-like naivete when it comes to various things. Being that she has only experienced certain things by way of word, Asuka's curiousity has become a defining trait as it often gets the best of her. However, as Asuka wishes to uphold the image imposed upon her, she tries to hides this quality and is known to throw fits when cornered.

As an interesting note, because of the ancient traditions of her family, Asuka does not have much experience with technology. As such, Asuka often finds herself at odds with machines because she has trouble understanding how they operate. This weakness of hers is so bad in fact that she blew up her family's washing machine because "it wouldn't turn on".


Asuka is the daughter of Shang Fei Hui and Takumi Risei. In order to overcome the decline of both families, a marriage was arranged which would make use of the Takumi family's unique Sorcery Trait, a dormant gene which can produce a potent magus every couple of generations. While it was a gamble, the arrangement paid off in the end and Asuka was born as the first promising heir in years.


Asuka has not appeared in Fate/Regalia yet.

Route Link: Jade Lotus[]

No links have been established yet.

Abilities and Skills[]

While no abilities have been revealed yet, it is known that Asuka has been taught magecraft by both of her parents. With both families having extensive histories, it is fairly likely that Asuka has learned an advanced spell or two.


Asuka has shown no spells so far.