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The faction that consist of the members that are part of the Sea of Estray part of the Magic Association. Out of the sub-factions of Magic Association, Sea of Estray has the most exceptionally powerful individuals, and while they don't have so many workshops to rent for their magi, they achieve more than their counterpart. A faction that likes to keep to itself, and does not usually but into troubles and business of other factions. However, they like to influence things from behind the scenes, and thus, there are many strange rumors floating around about this faction. Their current dorm head is the youngest dorm head in the history of OLYMPUS, but she is already feared for her temper and power. Under her leadership, Sea of Estray has become a bit more direct in its actions.


The Sea of Estray dormitories consists of four large, western-style buildings that are positioned in middle of what seems to be a small town. In fact, the other buildings are the workshops that the faction rents out to it's most succesful students. Two of the larger buildings house the female students, while the two others house the male students. In the small mansion-type house that resides on the hill in middle of this small town is the office of the dorm head, and her office.

Current Members[]

The list of the currently known members of Sea of Estray faction.