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Archer (Elethia Greyfield)
Also known as: Radiant Maiden
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Ayakashi
Voice actor: Aya Endo
Character type: Servant
Affiliation: Valley of Mercury
Gender: Female
Height: 1.7m / 5'57ft
Three sizes: Radiant
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Scarlet
True name: unknown
Master: Elethia Greyfield
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
END: C LCK: C+++
Class skills:
  Divinity ???
  Divine Beauty B
Personal skills:
  ??? ???
Noble Phantasms:
  ??? ??? ???

The Servant of Elethia Greyfield. Known for her incredible aura and refined elegance. Her deeds in past are rumored to be incredible, surpassing her contemporaries by far, yet she takes no pride at all in them and decides to live in the present.


No information on Saver's background has been uncovered so far. She has the aura of someone sovereign above all though, so one would have to hazard the guess that she was a very influential person during her life.


“My Master? She is still a child discovering the wonders of humanity unknown to her. In that sense, you could say that we're quite alike.”

Gentle and refined, Saver is quite easy to approach and talk to. She's a rather curious and sociable Servant whose good manners and friendliness can easily win over the trust of others - yet there seems to be an invisible wall that prevents others from getting too close and truly 'know' the Servant. The grace and elegance she possesses can intimidate many into thinking that they're not even worthy of her attention, and Saver, while open to conversation, also appears to prefer to watch things unfold from afar rather than being an actor in the play. A melancholic soul she is, perhaps?

The Servant has an unusual fascination with modern technology and even though she should just like any other, have gotten a vast expanse of knowledge to make up for the culture-shock that'd affect her, Saver likes to inspect and discover the tools used for nowadays' daily utilities.

While polite and calm in battle though, do not expect Saver to show any mercy in combat. She will wordlessly cut down those that oppose her Master.


Saver has long silky jet-black hair that falls down to her waist. Her skin is fair and soft, having a strange brightness that is reminiscent to the faint light of dusk. She is of an average height, but nowhere does she feel ‘short’ even when looked down on by others much taller than her. That could be because of the royal aura that surrounds her, the transient feeling that she is above reality. That could also be because of her scarlet eyes - even if Saver has a somewhat placating bearing, one cannot ignore the fire burning in her eyes, as if they were two suns. The scale of her magnificence is so great that by merely standing within a kilometer of her, anyone can feel her presence, may they be mere humans or Servants of the highest caliber.


Saver has yet to have had an opportunity to showcase her abilities.


Has yet to be summoned

Social Links : Glow of the Radiant Dawn[]

None achieved by this point of time.