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Ryougi Senmei
Fate Regalia Ryougi Senmei
Also known as: Bear of the North
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Student
Affiliation: Ryougi Clan
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Gray
STR: ? CAS: ?
END: ? PRA: ?
AGI: ?

Hailing from the snow-filled Hokkaido, Senmei is at initial glance as cold as the land she comes from. She tends to have no time to spend on small-talk, and is very frank when it comes to dealing with any sort of individual she comes across. Whether it is friends or enemies, she abhors any sort of unnecessary speech, as is most likely to punch you in the gut if you start gloating in the middle of a battle. However, while this may all be true, she also has the bad habit of being unable to keep her thoughts inside her head, instead blurting them out as a low mutter or an annoyed grumbling. More than often people have spotted her talking to herself in the middle of the street, all of her inner musings exposed for the whole world to hear. This would be a cute quirk, if only Senmei had the ability to be embarrassed. So far nothing seems to faze her, not even her own unfortunate habit. If she blurts out something she was not supposed to, she will then proceed to apologize with a straight face and demand that the other party forgets what was just said. In short, she is a person who is extremely difficult to have a normal conversation with.

As a fighter, Senmei is unforgiving to mistakes. She will pick apart any style of fighting, analyze the enemy's weaknesses while staying out of range, and once she has concluded her analysis, strike at extreme precision and lethality that is second to none. Her weapon of choice is the huge gauntlets she wears, capable of emitting surges of lightning that both paralyze and damage her opponents. Not only that, but her jacket seems to have also been enchanted to ward off attacks, as she rarely gets wounded in her fighters. Her ESP has not been pin-pointed so far, but it seems to have to do with her ability to deal such lethal amounts of damage with only few attacks. Being one of the most powerful members of the Ryougi clan, she is often deployed against greatest threats they face, such as extremely powerful Half-Bloods. In the past, she has reportedly killed two Crimson Red Vermillions, and incapacitated at least three. This impressive track-record has earned her many nicknames such as the "Bear of the North," which she particularly hates.

Incidentally, she is part of the Ryougi Girls' Basketball Team, and has been the sole reason their team is doing as well as it is today. She also, occasionally, does missions for the Disciplinary Committee, though the mutual distrust between her and Souja Mikado has prevented her from becoming a full member.

Senmei's second personality has never been seen manifesting, which is weird in itself... but it is also unclear as to which personality is currently in charge of the body.

Where to Find: Senmei can often be found in her basketball practice, but she also hones her martial arts skills in peace near the grounds of the Jurakudai Villa.

Senmei tends to keep to herself, though she has been witnessed in a cafe on a lunch with Fuuka.