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Ryougi Kaiken
Fate Regalia Ryougi Kaiken
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Student
Affiliation: Ryougi Clan
Gender: Male
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green
STR: ? CAS: ?
END: ? PRA: ?
AGI: ?

If there is one thing Ryougi Kaiken wants to be, it's a hero. Having grown up reading shounen manga, he always dreamed that it could be some day be him who saved damsels in distress or battled his rival in an epic confrontation. Whereas most youngsters would have grown out of these daydreams eventually, Kaiken had the bad luck of discovering his latent gift in ESP after he turned 12. This event spurred his ambition, and after contacting the main family of the Ryougi, he began training himself so that one day, he could be just like his idols from the pages of the manga he had read. The call to OLYMPUS was a perfect chance for the hot-blooded youngster, and he immediately applied to join the ranks of the Ryougi in the floating city, believing that this was the place that would finally allow him to live just like he had dreamed. And, in some respects, his dreams have come true. He has saved some people, he has demonstrated his fiery powers to curious onlookers, but at the same time, he has also learned about the vastness of the world. In a city where everyone is special, Ryougi Kaiken quickly found himself amongst the many who were deemed "insignificant." But, despite this demeaning brand from those more powerful than him, Kaiken still strives to live his dreams, training himself to the point where his body screams for rest... and going beyond those limits.

As a person, Ryougi Kaiken wears his emotions to his sleeve, being quick to anger and quick to laugh. His voracious appetite often gets him into trouble, as he has a bad habit of eating lunches that don't belong to him. Still, he always apologizes for it, and promises to repay the person he wronged. He also places great importance to promises, vowing never to break them. He calls it his way of living, deeming that if he would back out once, he would do it again some day... and that is something he cannot allow himself to do.

Kaiken's female personality, KAIKEN, is rather different from his brash demeanor. Instead, she is very subdued and gentle, to the point of being more feminine than many of the girls in Athena Academy. This might be because while the male personality enjoyed rousing shounen manga, the female personality was captivated by the emotional shoujo manga.

Where to Find: Kaiken is part of the Track & Field Club, and can be often found in their premises. Other than that, he also attends the Kendo Club, honing his sword skills every day.

It's easy to think of these two personalities as "Shounen manga protag" and "Shoujo manga protag"

ARES considers him a nuisance at best. He isn't that powerful, and thus he often has to be bailed out of trouble... but at the same time, most of the ARES officers can't get mad at him, as he is only trying to do good. Usually they just give him a weary smile, pat him on the shoulder and say: "You should really leave this to us professionals, you know?", knowing he never listens. Kaiken doesn't join ARES because he doesn't agree on their "police-like attitude", and it's not "true heroism" in his mind.

He has a huge crush on Michelle Dawnlord. Whenever she's around, Kaiken is unable to say anything and just makes that "blblblblblblblblblb" sound with his lips.