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The faction of those belonging the Ryougi Clan. A sub-faction of the Demon Hunter Organization. Of the three clans, Ryougi is most secluded and mysterious, and have the least Masters. However, those Masters they have are extremely powerful, so it is pretty much the complete opposite of the Asakami Clan. As Ryougi Clan likes to keep to itself, they are often overlooked, and are able to use this as their advantage. It is often said that if walls have ears, they are most likely Ryougi ears. Most prominent thing about this clan is how their members have both Male and Female personality, from which the other handles fighting while the other handles the social situations. This allows a single Ryougi member to specialize in multiple things, which has proven very useful for them, and unnerving for others.


The Ryougi dorm consists of multiple old, Japanese villa type buildings that are connected together via walkways and paths through the small gardens. The area around has everything you'd find in a typical Japanese forest, and the whole dorm area seems to be mimicking a large structure-complex hidden inside a dense forest. However, the main path from the entrace to the main building is marked by torii along the path, and thus, it is impossible to miss it. The dorm head has her office and quarters in the biggest building that forms the center of the structure complex.

Current Members[]

The list of the currently known members of Ryougi Clan.