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Also known as: "Princess of Duels"
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Voice actor: Noto Mamiko
Character type: Servant
Affiliation: Taima
Gender: Female
Height: 155cm
Weight: 46kg
Three sizes: B72/W58/H80
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Red
True name: unknown
Master: Pop Kim
Alignment: True Neutral
STR: unknown MGI: unknown
END: unknown LCK: unknown
AGI: unknown NP: unknown
Class skills:
Personal skills:
Noble Phantasms:
  ??? Anti-Army unknown

A deceivingly small and harmless looking female Servant, whose powers are, however, something that should not be taken lightly. Although her Anti-Army Noble Phantasm has been used in all of the fights against her opponents, none of those who have been defeated by it can clearly describe it. Thus an enigmatic enemy whose true identity continues to be hidden in the darkness. Those who have defeated are in few, but doing so is considered as the first big step in Duel-Chart, as that means moving on from so called “beginner portion”. Rider is known to be quite good friends with the Trickster taking care of the Persephone Gardens.

True Name[]

Unknown, as of now.

Noble Phantasm[]

Unknown Anti-Army type Noble Phantasm has been confirmed.

"In addition, there is the Servant of Pop Kim, Rider. We have not been able to find out the true identity, but an anti-army Noble Phantasm has been observed. The Noble Phantasm seems to take a form of natural disaster of some sort, or so it seems. We also suggest a secondary Noble Phantasm that somehow allows her to turn the fate in her favor."

- Ileas


Rider has yet to affect lives of players.


Battle Introduction: "It's not as if I enjoy this. However, you have challenged me, and so we duel. But let me warn you. In my life, there has been no man who has ever defeated me in a duel. If you aren't careful enough, you'll be mercilessly trampled over."