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A group of homunculi that contacted the OLYMPUS project during its initial stages, lending their knowledge to the usage of the Pantheon. Though few in number and originally unwilling to take part in the experiment themselves, their new “generation” of young homunculi has taken upon themselves to start a new faction in OLYMPUS, trying to win the Heaven’s END for the sake of those they were created by. As homunculi, they are far more advanced than those of the Einzberns, yet also drastically fewer in number. They possess golden hair and eyes, declaring their nature as beings closer to artificial fairies than normal homunculi.


Their dormitory is a golden temple suspended above artificial lake by huge pillars. A large steam-powered elevator takes the students up and down, connecting the small suburb that has been built at the edge of the platform, around the connecting Hermes Line. Inside the temple, numerous Workshops have been prepared, which the Remnants allow other factions members to rent, provided certain conditions are met. The actual dormitory rooms lie in the six towers of the temple, enforcing the rather unfamiliar image of the whole dormitory.


This is a list of the currently known members of the Remnants of Timaeus faction.

  • Telesa: Dorm Head, Master of Ravager
  • Trend: Dorm advisor, Member of "The Entourage"
  • Beat: Dorm advisor, member of "The Entourage"
  • Cyber: Dorm advisor, Member of "The Entourage"
  • Rave: Dorm advisor, Member of "The Entourage"
  • Spectrum: Dorm advisor, Member of "The Entourage"
  • Titus Nebra: Master of Warder
  • Maibe Shenouda: 2nd year student
  • Aorum Electrum: Captain of the Basketball team
  • Nuca Meilor: