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Fujou Rei
Japanese name: 巫条レイ
Also known as: Self-Proclaimed Blind Detective
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: hero
Voice actor: Marina Inoue
Character type: Human (Demon Hunter bloodline)
Affiliation: Demon Hunter Organization
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 20th
Height: 159cm
Weight: 48kg
Three sizes: B86-W57-H88
Hair color: Purple
Eye color: blue
Casual Theme ~ Scientific Detective

Rei's Past Theme ~ The Path of the Wind

Battle Theme ~ Lone Prayer

Battle Theme(About to Win) ~ Successful Strategy

Fujou Rei (巫条 レイ) is one of the main characters from Fate/Regalia and the Master of Artificer. She's a teenage girl who attends to Athena Academy, which is located in the floating city of OLYMPUS, as one of the new representatives of the Demon Hunter Organization and the Fujou Clan.


Rei's personality resembles her origin: unpredictability. She can be kind, patient and sympathetic one minute; and aggressive, sarcastic and confident the next. That is her demeanor: A girl that switches from one mask to another, when she feels necessary. All in all, she is a good person who values friendship and understands how tough life can be. She doesn't have anything against Half Bloods that follow the right path, but feels an obligation to hunt those that are, or can eventually become, a threat to society.


Not much is known about Rei's background but that Fujou Sakura, her twelve-year old sister, suffers from a terminal decease that will end her life if nothing is done to stop it. Searching for an nonexistent cure, Rei travels to OLYMPUS, hoping to find a power capable of changing her sister's future.

Route link: "Last Piece of the Puzzle"[]

Sofia Stockholm: Level 2

Fujou Suzuka: Level 2

Fujou Erika: Level 1

Fujou Shizuka Level 4

Fujou Shiranui: Level 1

Lobo Gestheint: Level 2

Drake Walker: Level 2

Asakami Katsuhiro: Reversed

Liu Long Mei: Level 1

Abilities and Skills[]

As a member of the main branch of the Fujou Clan, Rei suffers from blindness. However, this doesn't seem to stop her, as she is known for having defeated enemies far stronger than her.


Non-Aggression Area
Rank: C 
Description: A curse, often used on oneself. Creates an invisible layer around the target. Any object meant to harm the target is deflected so that the one inside does not take physical damage. As long as its considered an "object", it will be deflected. However, mystical objects may reduce the effect to some extent or outright cancel it.

Yousei no Sekai – [Fairy World]
Rank: A
Description (Incomplete): A spell that falls under the category of high thaumaturgy, its purpose is to summon spirits that use fairy shells, and establish a contract with them. Up to two hundred (200) 'fairies' can be summoned. To control them, the caster must use a series of body movements, which usually range from kicks to complicate hand-seals. Despite the rank of the spell, 'Fairies' have bad affinity against living creatures [Un-dead creatures included], and as a result, they cannot kill them on their own. They can however, deal non-lethal damage in the form of superficial cuts, were they ordered to attack. The length of said cuts will depend on the target’s endurance stat. When dealing with material objects, 'Fairies' have the cutting and piercing power of a strong and sharp sword. If they attack in numbers, objects made of wood or plastic are likely to be destroyed or severely damaged. 'Fairies' have good affinity against spirits and the like. Individually, Fairies are weak. However, if they attack in groups, they become more powerful. They are able to nullify spells or attacks of C-rank and below and easily push back someone with strength of B-rank and below. To do this, a group must consist of, at least, eighty five (85) fairies.

Anti-Demonic Curse
Rank: A
Description: A curse created by Rei to exterminate half-bloods. Using the blood of the caster, and infusing it with Prana, it is possible to create a toxin, harmful to demons only. Upon contact with it, the half blood will suffer from ailments, depending on the demonic power level that is activated at the time. Level one and level two will lose any stats boosts caused by their demonic powers. Level three will suffer the previous effect and will not be able to use their special ability. Level 4 or Crimson Red Vermilion will suffer from almost lethal internal damage that can't be healed through demonic power. A potion used only by the main branch of the Fujou clan, it works on demons only. Cannot be used twice on the same demon.


Master of Martial Arts[]

You are accomplished in some martial art, and thus you are a threat in close-quarters combat. Your STR gains a permanent boost of 1 rank. Self-Defense: Fighting style with a strong focus on minimizing the advantages of stronger foes. It excells at quickly neutralizing the opponent with precise strikes, throws and holds, but often lacks the lethal force required to kill them.


You can sense magical energy on bigger area than most people. With this Perk, you are able to sense all the sources of magical energy in one location, and roughly determine their power.

Thaumaturgy Special Trait [35 AP][]

You possess a special trait in your magecraft that is unique to you only. Depending on its power, the amount of AP it costs fluctuates. Grants bonuses depending on the power. Witchcraft: As the kanji in their name hints, the Fujou are a lineage of priestesses (miko). Similarly to the Nanaya, it is a clan that has been passing down special abilities to their descendants through teaching of techniques and mystical knowledge. Treated as an ancient bloodline of magi, they specialize in acting as mediums, but originally their expertise was the use of curses. Any spell related to witchcraft (Curses, Shamanism, Potions, etc) has its Prana cost and AP cost halved.