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Rebecca Janaelle Valentine
Also known as: "Bloody Valentine"
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: wolfboy87
Voice actor: Satsuki Yukino
Character type: Master, Dead Apostle
Affiliation: Dead Apostles
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 5th
Height: 182cm
Weight: 58kg
Three sizes: B89/W56/H86
Blood type: A+
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Hazel (Normally)

Red (DA Mode)

Rebecca’s Theme - The Warped Corridor, and Her Lunatic Eyes

Rebecca’s Battle Theme - Accept Bloody Fate

Rebecca’s ******* ****** Theme - Jeux Interdits

Rebecca Valentine is one of the Player Characters in Fate/Regalia. She is the Master of Warder she shares a friendly almost sibling like relationship with built on a mutual respect for one another's strength. Rebecca is a third year in Athena Academy and is part of the Dead Apostles factions.
She appears to have next to no memory of her life before two years ago where she awoke in a castle in Scotland that she claimed as her own, she does however experience painful flashes that affect her both physically and emotionally at times, for some reason she believes that OLYMPUS possesses the answers she seeks.


She comes across as a rather laid back individual always appearing content as though she were just moments away from sleeping, she doesn't let anything get to her and takes most everything in her stride. She is basically a good person at heart although she tends to not bother with anyone or anything that doesn't interest her often making her appear lazy. When pulled into combat her vampiric instincts take over and she seems to become a completely different person as her battle lust consumes her as she dives into danger with a manical grin across her face laughing all the time whether she is winning the confrontation or not.

She is at peace with her being a Dead Apostle and even enjoys it to a degree, she sees it as just another part of herself and no longer sees herself as part of humanity but rather the next link in the food chain as of such she doesn't see anything wrong in a vampire killing for food although she herself chooses not to as regular humans don't put up much of a challenging hunt. She does however refuse to harm children and will strike out viciously to anyone she witnesses doing so.


Not much is currently known about Rebecca's past other than that she appeared suddenly in Scotland just a few short years ago, she has spent very little time around humans since her appearance other than several failed attempts to kill her by the Church with each confrontation ending with very few survivors and even then generally because she deemed them too weak to kill.
Currently she appears to have some connection to Asakura Syouko.


As a Dead Apostle she has no immediate family neither does she remember ever having one, however she shares the same name as a Magus family although whether or not she is related to them or not has yet to be proven. The Valentines where once well known within the Clock Tower and possessed great monetary gain all of its members being skilled in using their magecraft for physical combat, however roughly 10 years ago they ventured to Japan, rumour has it to research the Holy Grail War, and the entire family vanished.

As Rebecca never appeared until 8 years after their disappearance it is hard to prove if there is any link between them beyond their name.



Ebony, Rebecca's maid

A few months after she initially awoke Rebecca came across a young woman being attacked by several men in her castle, she quickly disposed of the men and instead of fleeing in terror the stoic young woman pledged her loyalty to the vampire. She moved into the castle and became Rebecca's maid and over the two years the pair have known she has become almost obsessively loyal to her master. She has also grown extremely proficient in the use of many different firearms and several forms of martial arts, her most common weaponry are a pair of magecraft enhanced Desert Eagles which are powerful enough to punch holes in tank armour.

Upon leaving to head out to OLYMPUS Rebecca told Ebony that if she did not return that the castle and everything within it would then be hers.


Currently most of Rebecca's abilities are unknown, however she has so far shown to have a hyper sensitive sense of smell which has allowed her to tell apart members of the Church and Homunculi from other factions. It is unclear however if she can also differentiate the remaining factions. She has also shown a natural talent for reading other people, whether this is an ability from her human life or her vampiric nature is unclear, along with this she has shown to possess a cat like grace beyond that of a regular human and the ability to actually project her predatory nature.

Although she has faced several attempts on her life from members of the Church her combat abilities are still largely a secret as there were few survivors and those who did survive were so badly affected that all they could do was talk gibberish about "invisible blades" and "maniacal laughter".

She does however possess the vampire claws typical of most Dead Apostles.