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Also known as: Chikuzen no Kami
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Kuroyuki
Voice actor: Hiroko Taguchi
Character type: Servant
Affiliation: Himari Aoyama
Gender: Female
Height: 1.65m / 5'5ft
Three sizes: B73/W54/76
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Scarlet
True name: unknown
Master: Himari Aoyama
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class skills:
  Numb to Pain ???
  Cunning Mind ???
Personal skills:
  ??? ???
Noble Phantasms:
  ??? ??? ???

Servant of Himari Aoyama. Another servant who seems to enjoying their second life. Reaver can typically be seen wandering around Demeter Market doing various things such as watching movies, drinking tea, and somehow making enough money to support the first two.


No information has been gathered on Reaver. However, one can infer that Reaver was a former commoner due to the occasional switch in speech from eloquent and sophisticated to a rough and rural accent


“My Master? She's a talented one that girl. She can cook, clean, and best of all fight! The perfect Sengoku wife! There's only fault I really have with her, I think she's a little too devoted to the Enlightened Road. But this Reaver will fix her at least."

Reaver is a very loyal person to the few that she trusts. If one of her allies were to be struck down, Reaver would not rest until the enemy is dead. If the enemy was a trusted ally then, she would prefer killing them by forcing them to suicide or crucifying them. Outside of battle, Reaver can be seen doing tea ceremony, practicing her swordsmanship, or watching movies.

Her general mannerism flip-flops from highly formal language to rough informal language. This switch from formal to informal lead some to believe that Reaver came from a lower class then learned to talk formally. Around the shopkeepers, she is noted to have successfully bribe or convince the shopkeepers to sell a certain product cheaply. Take the product elsewhere then sell it for more at another store for more money… just to spend it entirely on tea and movies to Himari’s despair.

When it comes talking to her master, Himari, Reaver sees herself in Himari. She thinks this is both a good and a bad thing. Good because Himari is a good, talented person overall, but then she worries about her unwavering devotion to the Enlightened Path. She saw how she became after someone betrayed her lord and wishes for Himari to avoid that kind of anguish and anger. So to prevent that kind of end, she tries to subtly push Himari away from the Enlightened Road by introducing her to people outside her faction, attempting to move her into an independent apartment, make friends outside of the dorms, etc.


Reaver was commonly mistaken as a man in her early life due to lacking cosmetics and she binded her breasts due to it causing some complications in her first couple of battles. So legend and rumor assumed she was a man.    

Unlike most servants , Reaver prefers wearing normal clothes to relax in and just materializes her armor for combat. Her everyday outfit is actually one of Himari’s extra miko robes. In fact, the day she was summoned she tore through Himari’s limited closet and chose the miko clothes upon discovering only school uniforms and gis in her closet. After placing them on she said, “If we had these kind of miko robes back in my day, I might have considered learning at the temples.” The armor she wears to battle was forged specifically for her after she became a general in one of the Sengoku armies. Physically, Reaver looks like a beautiful young woman with a noble yet simple aura radiating from her. The lack of an overly hostile aura makes people wonder how Reaver deserved her class. However, her history with enemies and potential threats seem to disagree.    

Reaver Casual Clothes

“If we had these kind of miko robes back in my day, I might have considered learning at the temples.”


Reaver has not revealed any of her abilities.


Has not been summoned yet.

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Has to be summoned first so none achieved by this point of time.