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Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Gender: Male

Raozore is a Middle-Eastern Magus from the First Generation of Masters in OLYMPUS, first met by Chiba Takashi in the Sobbing Basilisk in his attempt to take a shortcut to discovering the mystery beneath the summoning process, and later acting as the first "Bonus Boss" fought in Fate/Regalia.


Raozore hails from Macedonia, the remnants of the empire of Alexander the Great. He is, in fact, a descendant of one of Iskander's loyal followers. Nothing else is known about his life prior to his arrival to OLYMPUS as part of the First Generation Masters.

It is known that he summoned a Servant of the Caster class and managed to stay as a Master for a year, before he ordered his Servant to commit suicide out of love for a person yet unknown.


Raozore was first met by Chiba Takashi in the disguise of Auric in the Sobbing Basilisk. While at first he refused to listen, in the end he apparently agreed to help, after shoving a note inside Chiba's mouth through a French kiss. The note told Chiba to go to the Athena Academy's rooftop next day, at 10:30 pm.

With the pretext of testing Chiba, at the designated time and location Raozore forced a fight in which he, despite not fighting quite seriously and losing his eyesight and other senses through Zero's spells, had the upper hand through most if not all the match, despite Zero's prowess in defense. In the end, after Chiba decided not to attack when Raozore took out a ring that presumably would have allowed him to win easily, he conceded Zero his victory and apparently agreed to tell him the secret behind the summoning process, saying that he'd created enough diversions that night to make sure that even if they held a rock concert there ARES would have no clue.


Zero: level 3


Raozore's abilities as a magus are greatly inspired by the Komodo Dragon, as he releases most of his spells from his mouth. Furthermore, his spit contains bacteria familiars capable of corroding cells, among other possible uses.

Raozore seems to be quite a powerful magus, being able to perform High-Speed Incantation, as well as being capable of detecting Zero through means still unknown. Also, he seems to posess a ring that if used, would have meant Zero's instant defeat.

List of Perks[]

High-Speed Incantation[]

Cost: 25 AP

  • You are capable of accelerating your casting process so well that an A ranked incantation which would normally take 60 seconds, would shorten to 30 seconds. A permanent rank up to your CAS attribute.

List of Spells[]

Крадец крв (Curse)[]

Translation: Blood Thief

Rank: C

Prana Cost: 60

A powerful curse that takes a form of a thin red line shooting out of Raozore’s mouth. It can chase the enemy up to 50 meters, and even go around corners and such. Actual effects unknown.

Камшик на етер (Witchraft)[]

Translation: Ether Whip

Rank: D

Prana Cost: 40

By utilizing Raozore’s spit as a conductor, Raozore creates three whips of ether-infused slime that strike out at the opponent from his mouth. A single strike causes D-rank damage. If all the whips hit the opponent at once, they will paralyze the opponent unless he has some form of defense. This paralyze will last for 1 turn. The spit is also festering with virulent bacteria that answer to Raozore's will, and damage organic tissue.

Здив на светлината (Forgotten Spell)[]

Translation: Rain of Light

Rank: A Prana

Cost: 80

Raozore gathers concentrated hard light into his mouth and releases in a torrent of spear-like projectiles. These projectiles draw straight lines through the battlefield, turning always in 90-degree turns to chase after their enemies. The number of these projectiles is around 500, and they will chase after the enemy for 4 turns. Individually these do not cause much damage, only D-ranked, but once one has hit the enemy, dodging the rest is nearly impossible. Suffering a volley of these does a pure A-ranked damage. The projectiles also leave behind trails of light that stay to cover the battlefield, obstructing the open spaces.

Змеј здив (Curse)[]

Translation: Dragon Breath

Rank: A Prana Cost: 100

Raozore shoots a flow of wind and glowing feathers out of his mouth, that takes a form of pure light in form similar to flames. This is a wide-area attack that shoots out in cone formation up to 100 meters, trying to engulf the enemy. Only with AGI of B-rank can one even hope to dodge this, though only with A-rank can one dodge it fully. This spell induces heavy curse on the one caught in it for 10 turns, dropping enemy’s physical attributes down to D and reducing PRA with 1 rank. Great magecraft is needed to shield yourself from this spell.