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Rachel Comet
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Magus
Affiliation: Clock Tower, Captain of the Clock Tower Cannons
Gender: Female
Hair color: Reddish-Pink
Eye color: Reddish-Pink

Rachel Comet is a third-year student of the Athena Academy, and the captain of the Clock Tower Comets Air-ball team. Confident and never left speechless, she is the type of person who can encourage even the most cowardly person to do their best. It is this ability that has led her to become the captain of the said team after the last captain died in the finals of the previous year. Previously, she was the star-player of the team, spearheading few of the most memorable attack-patterns of the last season.

Apparently she is the fantasy of many in the Clock Tower.


Unknown at this time




Rachel’s abilities as magus are centered around large-scale wave attacks, and her Elements are both Fire and Wind. Utilizing these elements, she launches attacks that sweep across the sky from her legs, which have been trained both in combat and in sports. Though her attacks may seem reckless, she is actually very level-headed and calculating, never doing something she shouldn't.