Asha Records Wiki
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Magus
Affiliation: Unofficial Deva of Poseidon Ward
Gender: Male
Hair color: Ash Grey
Eye color: Grey

One of the unofficial Devas of OLYMPUS. He rules over the Poseidon Ward, and the seas under the OLYMPUS. The whimsical prince of the waves who surfs in the seemingly endless Pacific Ocean. While the other Devas do not acknowledge him, they understand that he is part of a domain that remains eternally tied to the mysteries behind OLYMPUS. Whatever these secrets are, he knows them but does not share. Ignored yet acknowledged, he accepts her designation as the idiot of the Devas, and revels in it. After all, the world is but a playground for him every day. His weapon is a bright green surfboard which he uses to control the waves and the depths of the ocean. As a Master, he is known to be a formidable threat, but since no one has ever seen a reason to challenge the happy-go-lucky man, his actual power-level is unknown.