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The faction that consist of the members that are part of the Middle-Eastern Order part of the Eastern Association. Out of all the factions in OLYMPUS, the Middle-Eastern Order is definitely the most secretive. Many rumors are abound about both the members of the faction and their actions, and they are rumored to have the most trustworthy sources of intelligence around the OLYMPUS. However, that is why people tend to be bit wary of the students from this faction, and they have hard time forming relationships to people not from the same faction. The current dorm head is rarely seen, and it is unknown if he actually takes even care of his job as a dorm head, or if he has someone else do the decisions. Many mysteries start and end so that only Middle-Eastern Order know about them.


The dorm of Middle-Eastern Order resembles a large sand-colored temple that is guarded by a long wall that surrounds it completely. The temple itself is work of art, and it is one of the most amazing buildings in OLYMPUS. The males and females are housed separately, with the males beind on the west end of the temple, while females have their rooms on the eastern end. The workshops of the Middle-Eastern Order can be found on the undergound levels, with the office and quarters of the dorm head. Don't expect to see him there much, though.

Current members[]

The list of currently known members of Middle-Eastern Order.