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Matthias Gummer
Also known as: Battle Cook
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Fate/Regalia Side Story ~ Reunion
Played by: DarkMAN
Voice actor: Tomokazu Sugita
Character type: Master, Homunculi
Affiliation: Einzbern
Gender: Male
Birthday: 1st of May, 2017
Height: 1.85 m
Weight: 74 kilos
Blood type: A
Hair color: Brown (dyed)
Eye color: Red

Matthias Gummer is Master of Assassin in Fate/Regalia. He's a young homunculi that seems and acts as if he was really lazy but in reality treats his job very seriously. He's a friend of Siegfried von Himmelstein and also acts as Viktoria's von Einzbern guardian.

His hobby is cooking in which he is extremely skilled.


An open person whit lazy attitude. Despite he complains and sighs a lot he devotes himself to his tasks. Usaually calm and composed, especially in battle. Though he looks as if he don't care about anything, he's nearly fanatic when it comes to cooking and never misses the chance to show his skill in it. He's second interest are martial arts in witch he's as skilled as in cooking. He's well known among other homunculi but more from his mischievous behavior, since he use to take nasty revenges on those who piss him off, although it's not easy to make him mad.


Matthias Gummer is a three years old homunculi created by the Einzbern family. It seems that the reason for which he was created dosen't match with the role he took. He inherited his name after the man who he was based on, along with that man's Mystic Code. Unfortunately, Matthias has never learned anything more about that person. Through first six months of his life he was trained by older homunculi named Corgan. That man quicly became the first person Matt created a bond with. He's aslo the one who showed Matthias how to cook.

Later he was acting as Einzberns mercenary and was completing various tasks for them. After a year he got a job of guardian for Viktoria von Einzbern. After a while he also developed a bond with her and treats her like a little sister. He often came back to her whenever he had the time to. On his jobs he worked a few times with Siegfried von Himmelstein. That man became Matt's most trusted friend but even Matt himself can't tell where did all of that trust for him came from.

As for now he went through briefings and trainings for his journey to OLYMPUS.


Besides Sieg, Froste and Corgan nobody really can say anything about Matt's abiliteis or his chakram Mystic Code.


Innate Knowledge

Specialized Purpose


Universal quote: "Damn, what a bother..."