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Luthor Nitrocellarus
Also known as: "Stylish Vigor"
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Voice actor: Yoshino Hiroyuki
Character type: Student
Affiliation: Clock Tower
Gender: Male
Birthday: 1st of February
Height: 172cm
Weight: 66kg
Blood type: A
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Grey

Member of class 1-B. He is also a Lord, and part of the famous Nitrocellarus family, who is known as one of the ruling families inside the Clock Tower.

A young man who was brought upon the idea that he was better than everyone else. Of course, this means he grew up quite twisted, arrogantly throwing his weight around in order to impress other people. Hot-headed and prone to long grudges, he will not hesitate to attack people who he feels have wronged him. Thanks to his magecraft, these incidents often cause a lot of collateral damage.

However, while it is clear that Luthor has quite the high opinion of himself, there seems to be a seed of good inside him, too. While he may continue his bravado and arrogant act, he sometimes might rise up to defend those weaker than him, claiming that it is 'what a Lord should do.' In other words, he strangely enough believes in "Might for Rigt" instead of the more typical "Might makes Right."

The fact is, simply, that whatever good is inside him has been stomped to the ground quite thoroughly by something, and does not show up easily.


Luthor was met first by Four, and later, some other classmates of his like Asakura Syouko and Liu Long Mei. They were drawn in a short battle, when Syouko tried to used magecraft to hold Luthor in place, since his attitude was beginning to bother the girls. Unfortunately, the magecraft did not work, and Luthor managed to launch an explosive spell before being stopped, and escaping from the classroom. The girls thus established a Route Link with him.

Route Link: "Honored Horizon"[]

Asakura Syouko: Level 1
Liu Long Mei: Level 1
Four: Level 1
Alacia Starward: Level 1



Punk Crush[]

Rank: C (B)
Luthor gathers energy into the palm of his hand, concentrating it into one single point that appears like a miniature, burning sphere on his hand. After enough energy has been gathered, he releases all the energy in a single instant, causing instant explosion that has the radius of 4 meters. An AGI of C is needed to partially escape from the explosion, and any higher can be used to completely avoid the explosion. This spell can be boosted by taking a complete turn to gather the energy, thus elevating this spell to "B" rank, with it's appropriate penalties.



You are one of the elite who rule over Clock Tower with their influence. When dealing with magi, you can affect them much more than a regular magus. Thanks to your mighty lineage, you can also take an A ranked spell, free of charge. However, your character status is public information from the start, thanks to your fame.

Thaumaturgy Special Trait: Victory[]

The attribute of the old and revered family of Nitro, or rather, Nitrocellarus. Their attribute is, in it’s truest sense, “Victory”. That is, the defeat of their enemies and overcoming everything set as a obstacle in their path. This manifests with their spells being “perfect” and “unable to lose to other forces”. If countered with a spell of a same rank, the spell of Nitrocellarus magus always wins. In additions, every spell they launch has a 100% success rate.


Explosion. Every time you cast a spell of that element, your prana cost is cut by 20 units.