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Liu Long Mei
Also known as: "Sleepy Dragon"
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: DB-Loyalty
Voice actor: Nana Mizuki
Character type: Master, Magus
Affiliation: China Order
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 1st
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Three sizes: B91/W61/H86
Blood type: AB -
Hair color: Dark Brown (most of the time)
Eye color: Amber

Liu Long Mei, formerly Siu Hong Mei, is one of the Playable Characters in Fate/Regalia. In her earlier life, she was the leading heir to the Siu Han Magus Dynasty of the China Order. As such, she was locked away from all possible chances at a normal social life. Every facet of her time was dedicated to training and molding her into a suitable successor. Such was the case until a tragic massacre that resulted in the deaths of most of the Dynasty's head magi, which included most of her immediate family. Mei has since renounced her title and position, becoming a wandering Magus who occasionally takes on Freelancer work.

She might appear and act like a girl half her age, but Mei is actually 32, owing her youthfulness to a Potion of Longetivity that is reserved for the ruling Dynasties of the China Order. However, given her harshly isolated upbringing, she is, for all intents and purposes, mentally 16. And even with her Wanderer/Freelancer status, Mei still retains healthy relations with the Eastern Association thanks to the efforts of her younger brother, who has recently taken on the position of Head Magus in the Siu Han Dynasty.


Mei is a slightly shy and scrutinizing type, not normally one who approaches strangers unless the situation calls for it, or if she gets nervous, in which case she tends to talk...a lot. She is a kind person at heart, but often worries about making the wrong impression and burdening other people with her own troubles, leading her to be indecisive when it comes to confiding in others. In spite of this, she is quick to warm up to those who earn her trust and is willing to risk everything for a friend in need. People don't often treat her seriously because of her perpetually tired, baby-faced expression, her curious nature, and her lax exterior. As a consequence of her sleepiness, she often seems like a lazy slacker and an airhead, though only the former is partially true. On the other hand, when motivated, Mei becomes a completely different person. Very little can deter her when she's determined, and she can become quite dangerous and violent when properly agitated, hence her title: "Sleepy Dragon." Noble/government politicking, controlling other people's lives, and oppressing the weak are very quick ways to earn her hatred. Due to the massacre of her family and her life as a wandering Freelancer, Mei is not completely averse to violence, underhanded tactics, or even killing, as she herself was forced to such actions at certain points in her past. As another result of her travels, she is constantly searching for an overall meaning or purpose to her life.



The Siu Han Dynasty is one of the most famous ruling families in the China Order, known for producing highly gifted Magi with a great diversity of unique Circuits, each with their own distinct ability. Dating back to the ancient Shu Han Courts of the 3 Kingdoms Era, the Siu Han carry much influence and are well-connected in the Eastern Association. Above all else, they are known to be one of the rare Eastern groups that still initiate and maintain open diplomatic relations with the Western Associations. Even after the massacre, the Siu Han are still among the most prominent of the Eastern nobility. This is all thanks to Siu Han Ben, Mei's younger brother and new Family Head, whose unprecedented valor and cunning lead some to call him the modern incarnation of Zhuge Liang, the legendary strategist of Shu.


Very little is known about the first 19 years of her personal life aside from her arranged visits to the Western Associations and diplomatic meetings with the other Eastern Orders. Officially, she is a registered guest of the Clock Tower, even meriting an entry in the Clock Tower "Association of Female Statistics" logbook (though all that's in it are approximated measurements and rumors from "Observers," examples of which include an Imperial BWH of 36D-24-34). After the Siu Han Massacre in her 20th year, Mei spent the rest of her time training and wandering the world, occasionally carrying out favors for the Eastern Associations and Freelancer work from various Western organizations, with the Clock Tower & Church being among the most frequent clients.



Breathing and Walking[]

You are a master when it comes to controlling your own movement. Your body is in perfect harmony, and is able to act so that it brings forth much steadier magecraft. Your spells are very hard to intercept, to the point of it being possible only via extreme means. However, having this kind of presence acts as a warning sign for those searching for suspicious persons.

Spiritual Dexterity: False Dragon's Blood[]

This manifests as unique skills with one's Inner Channels. However, this trait borders on Innate Ability as it tends to vary depending on the user. In the Siu Han Family, this diverse trait ranged from powerful Mystic/Pure Eyes to malleable Magic Circuits that could store unprecedented amounts of prana.

For Mei, this trait manifests in the manipulation and output of her Circuits. She is able to fire jets of destructive prana, mana, or Od from her body depending on her output. These range from breathing hot prana to jet-propelled strikes to firing prana blasts from her limbs. Observers may see these jets as strangely colored lights or Qi, leading to some to say that she “punches fireworks, kicks rainbows, and breathes sunshine and happiness.” Eastern observers have taken to naming this specific Trait as “False Dragon's Blood” after the “Noble Blood” Circuits of the ruling families. Individual projectile or object-charged attacks carry the same cost as a similarly ranked spell. Grail War veterans may see a resemblance between this trait and the Servant skill: Prana Burst.