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Fate Regalia Zelerita Lancer
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Servant
Affiliation: Clock Tower
Gender: Female
True name: unknown
Master: Kischur Zelerita Schweiberg
Alignment: unknown
STR: unknown MGI: unknown
END: unknown LCK: unknown
AGI: unknown NP: unknown
Class skills:
Personal skills:
Noble Phantasms:

Red-haired woman who excels in both melee and spells. The type of enemy you cannot catch unsuspecting or from a angle she does not expect. Seems to know everything there is to know about fighting, and thus, extremely dangerous opponent. Though she has not been any official matches, she has destroyed few foolish Servants that have picked a fight with her over the time she has stayed in the OLYMPUS with her Master. Ranked #17 in the Duel Chart.

A woman of expensive yet useful tastes; does not care for jewelry or ornaments, but for powerful weapons, skills, spells and talents. Would accept no other Master than her own, and shows it. Her pride stems from her undeniable talent, and thus, it cannot be but respected.


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