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Salvation? Redemption? Those things will remain out of your grasp no matter how hard you try. A true Hero has no regrets! His actions and their consequences are his own and no others! Fools, scrambling hopelessly to save your pasts! In the end, you will not be able to wash away your sins, no matter the amount of blood you shed.

Lancer (Firo Prochainezo)
Lancer Regalia
Also known as: The Prince of Morning
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Mellon
Gender: Male
Height: 1.89 m
Weight: 87 kilos
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Brown
True name: unknown
Master: Firo Prochainezo
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
AGI: A NP: A++
Class skills:
  Magic Resistance unknown
Personal skills:
  Runes A
  High-Speed Divine Words A
  Protection From Faeries A
Noble Phantasms:
Lancer Theme ~ A Song of Storm and Fire

Lancer is the blue-clad Servant summoned by Firo Prochainezo. A Servant whose arrogance and confidence seems to be only matched by his skill, Lancer is one of those rare Servants that seek nothing else but enjoyment out of his second life. Delicious food, exiting battles, wonderful music, beautiful women - as long as he gets to do something he enjoys, Lancer is satisfied. A brash and impulsive personality, he nevertheless shows remarkable cunning and foresight when needed, though he by far prefers a more direct approach to most things. Lancer gets on remarkably well with his Master, forming a bond of mutual respect and understanding almost frighteningly quickly, even for OLYMPUS standards.

True Identity[]

No information to be revealed yet.


Marbh gan aiféala[]

Rank: A

A Boundary Field that is prepared beforehand, Marbh gan aiféala is a curse-type spell that reduces the fighting ability of enemies within the barrier. All enemies lose two ranks in stats, while they remain inside the Boundary Field. Which attribute (or attributes) is reduced by two (or one in the case of two attributes) ranks is chosen by Lancer (in the beginning, after that, they cannot be swapped). Lancer can also activate the spell, causing A rank damage to all those that have been cursed by the spell. Doing this consumes the spell and removes the reduction in attributes.

Noble Phantasms[]

No information.


Battle Introduction: "You challenge me to a Duel? Me, who has claimed the blood of Gods and Men alike? Gyahahaha! Good, good! I like your spirit, girl! Lets hope your skills are as sublime as your will. That way, I might even get a decent sparring session out of this."