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Kushina Yamato
Also known as: "Red Vanguard"
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Voice actor: Toriumi Kousuke
Character type: Master
Affiliation: Japanese Half-Bloods
Gender: Male
Height: 178cm
Weight: 66kg
Blood type: A
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Black

Kushina Yamato is currently the newest Master in OLYMPUS, and part of the Japanese Half-Bloods faction. He is Master of a Squire class Servant, and is from a branch family of much more famous Half-Blood family. Currently he has yet to rise in ranks in the Duel-Chart.


He is the type to get frustrated easily, and show his emotions. Still, he does manage to show some potential, but what he lacks is experience. Hot-headed, but every now and then, manages to restrain himself from acting before thinking. Has an outgoing personality, and is thus rather well-liked in his class.


Unknown as to before him enrolling to Athena Academy.


Players have yet to find out about them


Yamato was first met by Drake Walker in his class. Afterwards, the two met again in the Apollo Libraries, when Yamato ordered Squire to save Drake from Lancer. After the battle, the trio escaped from ARES through a secret tunnel inside the Apollo Libraries, and headed out to Demeter Market to eat in Yamato's favorite restaurant. Thus, Drake established a Route Link with Yamato.

Route Link: "Vagabond's Pride"

Drake Walker: Level 1