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Katsuhiro Asakami
Megaten 07
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Chaos Greyblood
Voice actor: Showtaro Morikubo
Character type: Human, Master
Affiliation: Demon Hunters
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 162 lb
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Blue

Katsuhiro Asakami is a fictional character created by Verg Avesta and Android_Chaos for the message board RPG Fate/Regalia.


Katsuhiro is a young Japanese student with an average physical build. He has blue eyes, fair skin, dark brown hair in a bobbed hairstyle and born in Kyoto, Japan.


Katsuhiro was born in October 3 in outskirts of Kyoto, Japan and he's the elder child of 3 children sired by Junichirou and Saeko Asakami. Although his family is well-to-do, his father Junichirou still works as a curator for the museum and his mother was known to be a good writer in haiku poetry. He is a heir of the Asakami clan who has been groomed to fight in the Holy Grail war as his rite of passage in order to prepare him for his ascension as the head of the clan.

Although he knows about the responsibility that comes with the ascension, he has a different objective as he decides to participate in the war: He wishes to make an effort to end the cold war that has happened between the Ryougi, Asakami and Fujou clans; while each clan acknowledges the others' existence at best, the relationships between them are rather sparse and not very close due to the mistrust that exists with each other and rarely help each other due to limitations such as territories, difference in powers and other matters which Katsuhiro daresays are banal, as all clans share the one objective to safeguard Japan from demons, spirits and other creatures of the night that threaten the populace, as well as other humans who abuse their powers for their own personal, selfish ends. Katsuhiro believes that mutual understanding and connections can happen between the clans, but he's not naive as to expect them to believe in his words right away. He believes that by becoming triumphant in the Holy Grail war, he'll be able to prove his worth and gain the trust of the other clans in order to unite them for a brighter future. At the age of 17, he entered the OLYMPUS facilities as an above average student and he's currently in his 2nd year in college.


Katsuhiro is a confident, bright man who has occasional bouts of being a little flighty due to his easy-going nature, which was the only complaint being made in his otherwise clean academic records. He is serious and focused when it comes to important matters and in combat he is a wily, resourceful combatant who's not above using tactics to bewilder, confuse or surprise his foes. He is known to be friendly and easily approachable to the young ladies, although he can be a bit picky when it comes to the types of girls he likes. His favorite subjects are physics, history and English Literature. While possesing the knowledge of the clans' history not being a pleasant one, Katsuhiro holds onto the belief that they must be able to put aside their differences to achieve a greater good. He can be civil when it comes to dealing with the clans' heirs and representatives, but at times he gets upset because of their indiference and percieved superiority while trying to undermine the Asakamis' own efforts. Sometimes, he adopts an aggresive posture to his opponents and uses his resources not to fight fire with fire, but to be able to neutralize their best features and slowly turn the tide. If it gets them to listen to his reasons, Katsuhiro will employ such tactics as necessary, especially if they force his hand. If things get out of hand too much, he may lash out to others at times, thus needing a rational person to keep him in line, a role that his Servant Marauder serves at times, bringing Katsuhiro back to his senses.

His personal motto is, "Take one step at a time, one step to succeed in your goals"


Master of Martial Arts

Cost: 20 AP

Katsuhiro is accomplished in some martial arts, and thus he is a threat in close-quarters combat. Katsuhiro's STR gains a permanent boost of 1 rank.


Katsuhiro has met and talked to various characters in OLYMPUS. Among them are Firo Prochainezo, Hakan Strikr, Mojarto Briel, Luis Diaz, Sakuya Ryougi and Shizune Seo. All of them are his classmates from Class 3-A. He has also established contact with other people, such as Rei Fujou, Shiki Araya and Drake Walker. At this time, relations with the Demon Hunters are somewhat civil and rather tense, but Katsuhiro hopes that eventually he'll be able to establish a good connection with Rei and Shiki.

After the encounter in the cafeteria, Katsuhiro went to register for the Kendo Club and while searching for it he had a small clue concerning the master of the Jurakudai Villa. After finding the Kendo Club, Katsuhiro met the head of the Club, Ryu Tsukino and had a tough sparring match against Setsuna Kamigami. The near outcome caused Katsuhiro to see a Servant for the very first time: Hunter, whose Master is Ryu Tsukino himself. This spurs Katsuhiro to find clues about finding a way to summon his own Servant and gain a foothold for the coming Holy Grail War. HIs registration to the Kendo Club is successfully completed.

He also met with Luis Diaz again and has hopes to foster a friendship with the young Spaniard. They both set out to Demeter District to have some nourishment and commence their investigation afterwards.