Asha Records Wiki
Also known as: Chained Bloodletter
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Master
Affiliation: Japanese Half-Bloods
Gender: Female
Height: 154cm

Girl whose demonic powers are so strong she has to be chained to a portable shrine all the time. This shrine is something that should be never removed, even during the course of battle. Usually does not respond emotionally to anything, but in rare cases of the chains failing, has been seen to exhibit explosive rage and viciousness unlike any other. If challenged, it is best to defeat her before she is freed from her shrine. Ranked #26 in the Duel Chart.


Artifact Owner
You are in possession of an artifact from era long gone, something far more potent than would be usually possible to find. You are now capable of taking a choice from Tier 2 conceptual weapons.

Natural Born Killer
Thanks to your lineage, your whole body is honed to fight to the death. Even the instincts you got from the birth are something that no ordinary man would possess. Whenever fighting to kill, you can cause near-lethal damage even with the same ranked attribute as the one that it is compared to. However, with this, people around you can sense it easily that you are a dangerous person, and react accordingly.


??? Shrine
Rank: B
A portable shrine carried by Kagura on her back. The chains of the shrine, filled with seal-tags, must be wrapped around Kagura in order for this Conceptual Armament to work. Whenever wearing the shrine, Kagura has the damage done against her lowered by two ranks. However, due to its large size, Kagura’s AGI is also lowered by two ranks.

Seal Tags (?)
Rank: C
Carnivorous seal tags that seem to be alive. They bear the nature of a curse, yet they are not magecraft. Unknown entity as of now. Capable of devouring magecraft and using it to heal their carrier. They are 50 in number, and can attack multiple targets at once.

Demonic Ability: ???

A virus-like threat that spreads upon skin-contact. It manifests as black brands that grow on the opponent's skin that are not a threat by themselves. However, after they have festered for 5 Turns, they activate and take over the opponent's body. Nervous system is completely over-written by these brands that burn themselves onto the opponent, and take control of his or her very thought processes. Rest of this ability, and its true nature, is shrouded in mystery.