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The faction of those who have demonic blood flowing through their veins. This is, of course, referring to the Oni races of Japan, as opposed to the image of "demon" in the western world. As a faction, the Half-Bloods (as they are more commonly known) are quite secluded, and like to keep to themselves. They are not in direct opposition with anyone, though thanks to the natural instincts, they most often have fights with the Demon Hunter Organization. However, just like Dead Apostles, Half-Bloods cause a lot of trouble to the ARES, as they too need something to quench the raging demonic blood inside them. Commonly, this takes a form of human blood or something similiar, which in turn causes Half-Bloods to attack the normal populace of the OLYMPUS. A good solution to this problem has not yet been found.


The Half-Blood dorms take the form of uneven number of different sized old Japanese houses, all housing different number of students, genders separated. The platform itself has a thick bamboo forest growing around, and the pathways that travel through it take the people from house to house. Large house in the middle, which is more like a villa, is the one used by current dorm head, Mori Kaoru, and acts also as the dorm head's office. All-in-all, the area looks like it was brought straight from Edo-period, which fits the Half-Bloods just fine.

Current Members[]

This is a list of the currently known members of Half-Blood faction.