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Irmina Von Einzbern
Also known as: The Great Doctor Reborn (Self-Proclaimed)
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Airen
Voice actor: Asami Imai
Character type: Homunculus
Affiliation: Einzbern Homunculi
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 20th
Height: 154cm
Three sizes: Seems to be hidden...
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Gray (Contacts?)
Among Friends ~ Settled - Breathe

Investigation (The Great Doctor will find the truth.) ~ Yakusoku No Paradigm

Battle Theme (Unavoidable) - Reality Awake

"Hmmm? Why did I help you? Well, it's not like there was a heroic basis or anything... To be honest, it was probably just a whim? Still, if you want a reason... I guess I just thought it would be a shame for you to die here. After all, even though it's dangerous, you have something you want to do in this city, right? People like you are interesting."

Irmina von Einzbern is one of the new Masters introduced in Fate/Regalia and acts as the Master of Assassin. A rather unique Einzbern with an unusual genetic base, she is apparently an attempt at recreating some great doctor of the past, a fact that she clings to with what seems to be unrepetant pride.


A rather cold and indifferent girl at first glance, behind Irmina's noble persona lies a boyish, confident young woman with an ego that could probably stand to be deflated a few times. Possesses the innate nature of a people watcher, and on her off days can often be seen simply watching the daily lives of others on OLYMPUS, not out of malicious intent, but simply because she is bored and looking for something interesting to get herself involved with.

While what exactly registers as 'interesting," in her head is rather difficult to place, she describes OLYMPUS as a place that is "interesting, but also unfortunate." Because she has the sort of personality that gets itself worked up by witnessing the passions of others in pursuit of their dreams, she can be said to have a soft spot for people with strong convictions, and will often go out of her way to help people who are harmed in pursuit of their dreams, going so far as to heal their wounds for free if she deems the person in question interesting, no matter how time consuming the procedures end up being in the long run. 

A much nicer girl at heart than she looks, likes to give advice, but doesn't hold back the 'sting,' in her words if she thinks you're acting 'intellectually challenged," sarcasm is probably her true, hidden nature, and when angry, her "noble," persona becomes remarkbly blunt, remarkably fast...

Has great pride and confidence in her skills as a doctor, and once she accepts you as one of her "patients,' treats your safety and well-being as a high priority. Doesn't like fighting, but has apparently thrown quite a few punches in the past.

Probably not as tough as she acts.


Has yet to appear in Fate/Regalia

Route link: "In Living Memory"[]

Has yet to establish any links.

Abilities and Skills[]

Unknown as of now. However, she apparently possesses some skill as a doctor.