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Also known as: "Princess of the White Sky"
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Verg Avesta
Voice actor: Tomatsu Haruka
Character type: Servant
Gender: Female
Height: 169cm
Weight: 52kg
Three sizes: B80/W55/H81
True name: Arkuina Brunestud
Master: Kimon no Kazu
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class skills:
  Divine Beauty A
Personal skills:
  Ultimate One X
  Mystic Eyes A
Noble Phantasms:

Servant of Kimon no Kazu in Fate/Regalia. A haughty and cruel queen-like figure, who enjoys making others submit themselves to her. Although she is cold to most people, shows a slightly more playful side to her Master, most likely because she finds it fun to annoy him. Not the best kind of partner, as she tends to do just as she wants instead of what was mutually agreed. However, according to her words, she is more than powerful enough to justify this kind of behavior. Likes to call Kazu "Banchou" due to his looks.

True Name[]

Invoker claims that her true name is that of "Arkuina Brunestud," which would implicate that she is a True Ancestor and related to the Crimson Moon. However, it is uncertain how credible these claims are. It should be noted, though, that she has exhibited powers that would make her qualify as a True Ancestor.


Invoker has yet to showcase her direct powers, as she seems to deem it unnecessary of her. Instead, she employs various entities she has summoned as Servants, as well as magical means meant to control and affect the minds of those around her.

Mystic Eyes

An ability innate to a creature’s being, special eyes with some manner of power to affect the outside world.

  • Tsukuyomi ~Mystic Eyes of Predation~"
Rank: A
Categorized as “Jewel” under the Noble Colors, these Mystic Eyes affect all within Invoker’s field of vision, regardless if they are looking at the eyes or not. Those with MGI of rank C or lower immediately be paralyzed throughout, and are unable to fight for the rest of the day. In fact, while under direct gaze of these eyes, all movement is impossible. Those with MGI of rank B have a chance to resist it. Those with rank A MGI resist the paralyzing, but will sustain pressure from the eyes and receive rank-down to all physical attributes.

Noble Phantasm[]

Unknown ~???~

Rank: ?
Type: ?
Range: ?
Max AOE: ?

Capability to summon beings that are classified as Servants. Workings and true name unknown, though it is suspected that the Noble Phantasm utilizes Invoker's undeniable "authority" over those connected to the celestial body called Moon.

The entities that have been summoned so far are:

  1. She-who-now-Guards
  2. He-who-was-Banished
  3. She-who-thus-Cursed
  4. She-who-ran-Away


Instantly after being summoned, Invoker has dedicated herself to bringing chaos and misery to those around her while making a name for herself. Due to her arrogance, she announced her summoning as majestically as possible, and thus came face-to-face with both the Oniwabanshu and the short-lived alliance of Siegfried von Himmelstein, Matthias Gummer, Viktoria von Einzbern and Firo Prochainezo. After a short battle in which she proved a very dangerous foe, she left the battlefield due to how unclean and unsightly it had become.

Later on, Invoker made multiple plans which she used to weaken those who would seek to oppose her. After having established her place in a currently unknown location that is connected to the Millennium Castle, she sent her Master, Kimon no Kazu, back to OLYMPUS with She-who-now-Guards in order to find those who would become her enemies. Thus Kimon no Kazu attacked Fiore Lacere-Ran during a lunch-hour.

Another plan of Invoker was directed against Firo Prochainezo and his group of friends. She instigated a fight between Seo Shizune and Kazu, as the former was guarding Firo Prochainezo during his attempt at summoning his own Servant. Kazu won the fight and mortally wounded Shizune, before he went on to challenge Firo and the newly-summoned Servant Lancer . Invoker proceeded to watch over the fight between Kazu and Lancer, even letting Firo go as he went to deliver Shizune to safety. The fight ended in stalemate, and Invoker retreated for the day, as the effects of the events were beginning to unfold: Seo Shizune was incapacitated and her sister, Seo Akira, was led to believe that the tragedy had been the fault of Firo.

It seems that, for now, Invoker has gained another follower in Seo Akira.


Battle Introduction: "What is this? Dost thou even understand whom thou hast challenged? Oh, the foolishness of thou puppets. Hast thou even forgotten the name of Brunestud, and the authority it brings? Very well, then. Let me me teach thee why I am the strongest Servant thou shalt ever meet. Wash thy neck and wait, for it is thy only sensible option."


  • Ultimate One
The term used to describe entities like her, that are not of this world. Not a True Ancestor of this world, but more akin to Elemental of the Moon, first and foremost of her kind. Occasionally referred as the "Pale Moon" or "Archetype Moon," they are but monikers which are used to label something as alien as her. Due to her incompability with the planet Earth, she is but a single aspect of her original self, one said to be on the par with the Princess of the True Ancestors.  Depending on the belief of the Master, she could be summoned as many different variations, all based on the views humanity has on the natural satellite of their planet, the Moon. She could appear as a silent observer in the sky, raining down death from the amidst the stars, or she could be a lunatic monster of the worst kind, a beast suffering from ravenous hunger that forces her to consume all life. However, due to the wish of the Master, she has taken form of a tyrant that rules over all she sees, a terrible, intimidating figure that knows no mercy.
While classified as a True Ancestor due to her heritage, it would be a mistake to refer to her as a Nature Spirit accepted by Gaia. She is but an alien intruder, a taxing virus that treads upon soil foreign to her. Wherever she goes, the influence of the Moon is counted as strongest there; not because the Moon would be physically closest, but because her authority is that of the Moon, and thus, she is recognized as such. She lacks the concepts of the Earth, and her mind is truly and utterly alien. Thus, all her actions, no matter how cruel and senseless they seem, do not stem from hatred: they are but logical course of action for her, one that cannot be fathomed by the standards of the Earth. She is the cruel fairy of the Moon, a self-defense mechanism of a long-dead world, and thus is unable to ever exist properly on Earth in her current form.
As a side-note, she is the natural enemy of a king from the dawn of mankind, as this golden Servant and her are the polar opposites as existences.