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Himari Aoyama
Himari Aoyama Ashaverse Wiki
Also known as: Aoyama's Heir
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Kuroyuki
Voice actor: Saori Hayami
Affiliation: Enlightened Road
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 17, 2004
Height: 5'4 ft
Weight: 55kg
Three sizes: B87. W59. H82.
Blood type: A
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Character Theme: Irritable Miko

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Battle Theme: Imminent Exorcism

The Master of Reaver, Himari is one of the new arrivals to Olympus. Currently, she is one of the Enlightened Road's representatives despite her lack of knowledge when it comes to magic and other supernatural phenomenon... And that's without her personality issues.

Some may recognize that Himari's last name "Aoyama" as a former samurai clan. In fact, Himari's family is one of the families that kept the name and some of their skills. Supposedly, the Aoyamas used to be able to slay demons and ghosts easily with their techniques, but it became more of a lost art as time went on.


The first thing, a person will probably notice about Himari is that she reverently views the Enlightened Road organization. She does not take insults to the Enlightened Road well. She is quite willing to fight if that’s what it takes for someone to rescind their slanderous words against the Enlightened Road. This is a problem to the Enlightened Road’s supposed calm and pacifistic reputation because she has "anger management problems."

Some would say that she’s uninterested in romance, but she tries to focus on her training first and foremost. However, her single-minded focus to her training causes her to be a little lacking or outright awkward when it comes to social interaction. This is most evident whenever someone suddenly gets into her personal space without her noticing. When that occurs, she tends to heavily stammer and blush. In an attempt for them to get out of her personal space, she may start to insult them until she has some room.

After calming down, she attempts to make amends to the person who startled her. These two habits leads some people into believing that she is a “tsundere.” Especially, since she'll practically drags the person to apologize them through treating them to a meal.

Academically, Himari is good at “normal” subjects however she’s clueless at the more mythical and not as mundane classes. Her interaction with her servant Reaver tends to flop between a student/teacher and nagging master/lazy servant relationship

Route Link: Apprehensive Pool[]

Has not bonded with anyone yet.


Unknown, as of now.


Unknown, as of now.