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Multiple forms of HECATE-Phone.

HECATE-phones are the official phone-model of OLYMPUS, and the only type of communication device that can be used in there. Due to OLYMPUS acting like a lightning-rod to the different types of information that travel everywhere in the world, a special sort of device had to be invented so that the students and the personnel could keep in touch with each other and with people around the world. Their signal, utilizing a code unique to the OLYMPUS, uses the island as an amplifier, akin to a gigantic satellite. Because the phones are in direct connection with the satellite, they have a perfect coverage around the whole world.

Another unique aspect to the phones is that they are DNA-locked. When they are in their dormant state, as white sleek blocks, they cannot be used. However, when they are touched by someone, they lock on to the DNA of the said user through the user’s own natural electrical field. Using the bodies’ salt as a transmission medium, they lock the phone to be unusable for other users, while shaping the ADAL (Adaption Alloy) from which the phone is made of into an image generated from the DNA pattern of the user. 

There are multiple functions in a HECATE-phone, including but not restricted to the map of OLYMPUS, an email-service, 333 gigs of storage-space for files, music player, recorder, various games, internet-connection and many more. Programs can also be downloaded to the phone, making the possibilities of personalizing one’s phone almost limitless.  One of the more unique programs is the “Friend Seeker”, by which the user can ‘scan’ the other phone-owner’s electrical field, thus acquiring their number.

Recently it has been revealed that the HECATE-phone is tied to the mystery of the Servant summoning, but the players are still unsure if that is what it is only for.