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Gustaf Marksson
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Magus
Affiliation: Sea of Estray, Cooking Club President
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark Brown

A Swedish mystic and the head of the Cooking Club. A young man whose foods have been likened to the ambrosia itself. The cuisine from all around the world has been mastered by him, and there is no type of food he could prepare. He is known for arranging the foods for both the meetings of the Dorm Heads, and for the multiple festivals of OLYMPUS. Some even say that his food is magecraft, and his knowledge is his knowledge of his magecraft. As a person, Gustaf is always tired and very unenthusiastic. Even when making food, he seems to be barely awake. Rumors say that if he ever got enthusiastic about anything, it would mean that his true powers were revealed – or that he would have gotten a girlfriend. Either way, it does not seem that either will happen soon.


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