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Grace Swallowtail
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Magus
Affiliation: Unofficial Deva of OLYMPUS' Skies
Gender: Female
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Gold

One of the unofficial Devas of OLYMPUS. She rules the skies around OLYMPUS, eternally living in the clouds and never descending to the actual island. Her ability to fly comes from her air-skates, which she uses to draw vapor-trails into the blue skies. The skies themselves are a mysterious zone for the people of OLYMPUS, and for that reason, Grace is regarded as a very mysterious individual. Though a Master, she is not part of the Duel Chart, and like with all the other unofficial Devas, nobody knows the reason. Nevertheless, she is one of the unofficial Devas who are more widely accepted, mostly because of her helpful attitude and her job of keeping aircrafts away from OLYMPUS. Like with many other Devas, her battle-power is currently unknown, just like that of her Servant. As someone who sleeps in the clouds, nobody has really gotten a chance to challenge her, and that adds just one more mystery to her character.

Supposedly a member of the Shield Knights and uses a shield to surf though the sky.

[14:00] <Verg> Grace Swallowtail is the high-flying member of the Shield Knights [14:00] <Dranes> Probably need another commotion+would be somewhat suspicious to Ares [14:00] <Verg> With a shield she can use to surf in the sky