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Geri Warg
Fate Regalia Geri Warg
Also known as: Grey Fangs of Winter
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Affiliation: Sea of Estray
Gender: Female
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: Red
STR: ? CAS: ?
END: ? PRA: ?
AGI: ?

Current #66 in the Duel Chart.

A pair of sisters who have managed to summon a Servant of dual existence. Freki, the older sister, is in charge of the male Servant while Geri, the younger sister, is in charge of the female Servant. These two, despite quite a bit of gap in their age, work as a perfect team. They are both merciless and cold as the mountaintops of Norway from where they hail, and one should not expect any quarter given when fighting against them.