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Noble Phantasm
Gate of Babylon (Fake)
Japanese name: ゲート・オブ・バビロン
Title: False King's Treasury
Owner: Enkidu
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: E ~ A++

The shadow of Gate of Babylon, the Fake King's Treasury, is one of the Noble Phantasm of Rider.

By connecting reality to the vault, he can pick and use the items in it as he pleases. Needless to say, the Noble Phantasm becomes more powerful with the wealth of the owner.

Enkidu uses the Gate of Babylon to shoot the countless weapons in it like a rain of projectiles, but it is not limited to only weapons. Although they have not been shown yet, the vault also has various items in it. Mainly, however, Enkidu picks the weapons inside one-by-one and uses them to enhance his versatility in battle.

The weapons are the prototypes of the more recent Noble Phantasms, meaning that he has the shared ownership with the weapons and artifacts in his brother's, Gilgamesh's, treasury. These artifacts would later become legendary and mythical weapons/artifacts. After they both died, the treasures were robbed or perhaps were given away by their sucessor and then spread throughout the world. While Arturia Pendragon used the Caliburn that became famous, Enkidu possesses a weapon that later became the Caliburn, Merodach, but wasn't famous at the time Gilgamesh owned it.

A few of the weapons that are seen in the Gate of Babylon (Fake) are the prototypes of Caliburn, Clarent, Rhongomiant and the Spear of Hagen. The Gate also contains a demonic lance that curses whoever it strikes, a sword that causes combustion in the space it cuts, and a sickle that drains away prana and passes through flesh and armor without causing physical damage.