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Satoko Fujou
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Student
Gender: Female
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Blue

 A member of the Fujou family and a Lieutenant Commander in ARES she is described as having a maturity that exceeds her age and yet being capable of great childishness. She is part of the 1-B alliance and is said to have battle power of a high rank master.


Satoko is the type of person many look up to, but who herself feels that she should not have such a responsibility. Still, her sense of duty has brought her so far up in the ARES chain of hierarchy, and does not let her back down. It is this overly serious attitude towards challenges that often drives away her boyfriends, as they feel that they are not 'up to the task.' Satoko herself believes this is because of her looks.


Incidentally, Satoko's past is a secret only known to the top brass of ARES, and even she herself seems unsure of some facts. The reasons for this are currently unknown...


Satoko seems to posses an ESP that lets her infuse objects with life, employing them as weapons in combat. She has displayed that at the very least, said objects allow her to destroy a missile swarm.