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Fujou Kyou
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Human, Demon Hunter
Affiliation: Demon Hunter Organization, Fujou Clan
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Blue

A member of the Fujou-clan and a student of the Athena Academy. Kyou is known for his quick wit and strange abilities. Called “The Twilight Bell”, and feared amongst some parts of the Japanese Half-Bloods, Kyou still insists on being nothing but a normal student. He appreciates his friends and his ‘normal’ life more than anything, and does not want it to be endangered. However, he will stand up if anything dear to him is threatened. In other words, if you hurt his friends, he will make sure you never do it again.

Surprisingly enough, is the current master of the Pachinko Tournament held every month at the Demeter Market’s biggest arcade, “Game Over”. His fast reflexes and expertise in analyzing any situation has made him master at games, and the eternal rival Numerica Loch.


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