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Fujou Hito
Shizuka's older brother
Also known as: Demon Slayer
Appears in: Fate/Regalia (Backstory)
Played by: NPC
Character type: Backstory Character
Affiliation: Fujou Clan
Gender: Male
Birthday: Jan 24
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown

Older brother of Shizuka Fujou. A prodigy of the kind that appears once every thousand years, or so it was said by the Fujou Clan, and he was said to be one that had the potential to surpass his father and all those that came before him.

However, thanks to his personality and his flawed attitude towards his missions, he was killed by a rampaging Crimson Red Vermillion.


He was an extremely unfriendly person that seemed to believe on himself and nothing else. Becoming extremely prideful due to being a genius, he had a careless atittude brought forth by such an extreme belief on himself. Being the type that could take care of everything by himself, he often saw others as superfluous. That made him very unfriendly and unpleasant to deal with.

Despite being a complete asshole by any standards, he seemed to have somewhat of a weak point for his sisters, and treated them better than he treated anyone else. Which was not saying much.

His belief of being able to accomplish anything with no effort whatsoever ultimately led him to his doom.


Born a son of one of the most famous Demon Hunters of the Fujou Clan, and from a certain bloodline that had a tendency to produce very powerful ESPers and able hunters, from the very beginning he was treated like a prodigy. When he soon showed to possess incredible raw talent, mastering his ESP at the incredible age of 6, that attitude around him increased.

Treated like an absolute genius by both adults and peers, a prodigy that could accomplish anything he put his mind into with minimal effort, Hito soon grew arrogant. His whole life did nothing but enhance that arrogance even further, despite the growing concerns of his parents. Hokuto, his father, tried many times to warn him of the dangers that his attitude presented, but he was not heard. Due to this, Hokuto and Hito became estranged.

Hito accomplished his missions with utter ease, and put down many a rampaging Half-Blood without suffering even a scratch. His power grew to the point he was said to be able to match a Crimson Red Vermillion toe to toe, and even win against weaker ones.

However, this was proven false. Once, the Fujou clan received news of a rampaging Crimson Red Vermillion, and sent Hito to deal with this, instead of his father. A maternal uncle accompanied him in the mission. The details of what transpired are hard to deduct, as only one of the Demon Hunters accompanying them survived. What is known is that Hito made a careless mistake, provoking and playing around with his enemy, and that mistake costed his life and that of his uncle. He was killed instantly, by a single blow that crushed the back of his head.

What consequences his death had in his family remains unknown.

Abilities and Skills[]

He had an A-ranked ESP that was unique in its nature, apparently applying only to himself and nothing else. It was called "Self-Modification" and allowed him to improve and enhance himself by picturing his whole body in his mind and "changing" it. He was able to enhance his physical stats to the point he could go toe to toe physically against a rampaging Level 3 Half-Blood, and even fight it out against a Crimson Red Vermillion. And that was only the beginning of what his ability allowed.

He was also known to have an high ranking Conceptual Weapon that took the form of two twin swords, and was said to be exceedingly effective against demons. He was also a synchronizer, and possessed the Natural Born Killer perk. He was rumored to have low level Mystic Eyes, but the truth of that is unknown, as he kept to himself and died before that could be confirmed.