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Fujou Erika
Also known as: "The Great Reporter Knows"
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Voice actor: Tamura Yukari
Character type: NPC
Affiliation: Fujou Clan
Gender: Female
Height: 162cm
Weight: 41kg
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Blue
STR: C CAS: unknown
END: D PRA: unknown

A student in Athena Academy, and most famous reporter of the Iris Newspaper. They say that her ability in finding scoops and solving mysteries of OLYMPUS is unparalled, yet she greatly despises the actual Mystery Club, and especially it's president, Nu Vi.


Something of a braggart and somewhat vain, at least Erika has a high view of herself. She stylizes herself as one of the greatest reporters ever alive, and anyone who doubts her gets a full brunt of her anger. When talking with others, the extent of her knowledge can be easily understood, and she casually may throw out embarassing secrets of others for everyone to hear, not remembering they were things that she was supposed to be silent about.


Unknown as of now.



Savant of Hunting
Your ability when it comes to fighting Half-Bloods has been pushed to extreme lengths. Your experience, technique and innate talent come together as a crystallization of hunting unparalleled by almost all. When fighting against Half-Bloods, your STR is counted as a rank higher, and you receive extra chance to dodge attacks.

Rank: C
Ability to morph currently unknown energy into weaponry.

Erika also has an upgraded version of Double Mind that let's her combine her two powers for a single attack, that becomes a rank higher, but counts as two ESP uses. Said attack has been called "Lightwave Daikyuu". Her second power seems to have let her phase through attacks.

She also has survived an attack from her own Servant somehow, and has managed to ignore Kagura's Demonic Power through means unknown.